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Saturn in 3rd house| Shani in 3rd Bhava| Saturn in third house

The planet Saturn or Shani is perceived to be a harsh planet who provides difficulties and hurdles to people but takes them towards the success in the end. The placement of Saturn in third house will impact over the mental and core composure of the person as making him/her practical and simple in approach.

The natives of this placement of Saturn in 3rd house would be very determined, sincere and serious towards life but they won't be completely stable at mind as they will confront depressions at times. They carry intellectual mind to analyze and bring logics with their decisions and only speak till the required extent with worthy words for which they are admired by others. These people having of Saturn in 3rd house are deep believers of truth and so on will express that only, besides which, they are bestowed with a strong vision to differentiate between the write and wrong.

The natives possessing Saturn in third house will confront some difficulties in their educational path and will have a quiet harsh life during early times but they will emerge high on educational grounds later in life. The people of this placement are truly patient and will perceive till the possible depth before taking further steps. They would attain good affluence and positions in life.

In the end, the native having Shani in 3rd bhava should stay away from immoral drinking and non-vegetarian food for staying in the benefic enclosure of this placement. If other planetary placements in the horoscope chart are bringing adverse impacts from the Saturn then, the native should donate the medicines of eyes and should serve three dogs for reducing the negative impacts. Keeping a dark room in house will also be helpful for the person.

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