Saturn in 7th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Saturn in Seventh house, Shani in 7th bhava

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Saturn in 7th house| Shani in 7th Bhava| Saturn in Seventh house

The planet Saturn or Shani is perceived to bring both adverse as well as pleasant impacts upon the native's life but a wiser would say that the Saturn or Shani takes to through a harsh path for making you stand well upon the blossoms. In the same way, here Saturn brings pleasing impacts upon the native's conjugal path which is believed to be stable and balanced.

The natives of this placement of Saturn in 7th house would be very much sincere towards the aspect of marriage and relationships and there over concern is the only reason for their delays in getting married but it leads them towards a very stable path of marriage. The presence of Saturn in 7th house will definitely bring hurdles in the path but here the saying about that "problems makes stronger" comes true as the native would keep on walking with the partner in a continuous strengthening path. Altogether, it may lack the peace at times but it will be a strong relation in the deep.

These people having Saturn in seventh house are perceived to marry a wiser and serious persona who would be a truly simple personality. These natives would be quiet reserved in their attitude and would have only few relations around for not being much flexible but they will be deeply attached to their fewer relations. These natives can only put limited efforts in a relationship as the need of fulfilling exceeding responsibilities can force them to flee away from that particular relationship but they should not be misunderstood for being careless as are deeply serious towards their relationships. In true, they are true & best partners if given some required space and freedom.

The seventh house in the horoscope chart receives the influences of Planet Mercury and Venus who are natural friends with Saturn for which the arrival of Saturn in seventh house would be truly positive and would bring growth and dominance to the native. The native having Saturn in seventh house would be truly beneficial at the professions associated with machinery and iron.

If the Jupiter gets placed over the 1st bhava then, it will bring you support & benefits from the government. Besides this, maintaining good and true relations with wife would bring prosperity and wealth at home along with good health while on the other hand, involving in adultery or any kind of addiction will bring you adverse effects of Saturn or Shani. You should burry a flute filled with sugar in a deserted place and should serve black cow for better results.

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