Saturn in 12th house by - Effects of the placements of planet Saturn in Twelfth house, Shani in 12th bhava

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Saturn in 12th house| Shani in 12th Bhava| Saturn in Twelfth house

The planet Saturn or Shani brings strength and growth in the native's life but it also bring difficulties and hurdles in the native's path. The arrival of Saturn in 12th house would bestow potency to the person but with some of instability due to obstacles and negativity in the environment around.

The natives born with Saturn in 12th house would be quiet reserved in attitude and would prefer to stay in lurk arenas and solitude as they would feel secure in them. These natives won't possess many pleasant relations around neither they would be very much involved in public activities as they will prefer to work hard behind the scenes besides which they would not receive the worthy recognition and reward for their endeavor.

The natives born in this placement of Saturn in twelfth house would lack at self belief and would be quiet unstable at the mental composure. The natives of this placement would be fearful of harsh realities of life and would be very sensitive to the evilness prevailing in the air.

The natives of this placement could confront unreasonable guilt and anxieties which in real emerges from their inner emotional depth which makes them vulnerable form inside. The natives of this placement should try to get merge with people around as that will let them vanish the vague inside them and should try to enjoy life the way it is and except yourself the way the creator have made you.

The placement of Shani in 12th bhava would bring pleasant results for which these natives won't have enemies besides which he/she would have more than one house. The natives of this placement would further grow their family business and would attain high affluence in their life path ahead.

These natives of Saturn in twelfth house should stay away from immoral drinks and food comprising alcohol and non-vegetarian food as that will provide the adverse impacts of Saturn. They should keep twelve almonds rapped in a black cloth and place it in a iron pot which should be kept in a dark room as to reduce the malefic impacts of this placement.

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