Saturn in 2nd house by - Effects of the placements of planet Saturn in Second house, Shani in 2nd bhava

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Saturn in 2nd house| Shani in 2nd Bhava| Saturn in Second house

The planet Saturn or Shani makes the person work really hard for attaining success as it never gives without taking efforts from the person and for the same the presence of Saturn in second house would make the person highly ambitious and hard working for earning affluence which would bring him/her high wealth.

The natives of this placement of Saturn in 2nd house would pursue a very determined and sincere path for attaining wealth upon land besides which they possess a practical vision for savings as they always save some money for poor days but they will never invest in risky ventures even if they would offer higher benefits.

The natives having Saturn in 2nd house seek for financial stability in their lives for which these natives would face much obstacles in their path which could lead them towards pessimism while keeping optimism and keep walking further would make them attain triumphs.

The natives of this placement having Shani in second house would carry a wiser, philosophical and spiritual approach and would be truly kind at their attitude. The impacts of Saturn here in 2nd bhava will get affected by the planetary placements in the 8th house and if it gets adversely impacted then, the natives should walk to temples barefooted for forty three days, he/she should offer milk to snake and should put a tilak of curd or milk over his/her forehead everyday.

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