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Jupiter in 3rd house | Brihaspati in 3rd bhava | Jupiter in third house

The planet Jupiter or Guru is believed to be a benefic presence who provides wisdom and knowledge to human beings and rules over the intellect and mind of the person. Here, the arrival of Jupiter in third house will bring supreme learning to the person as making him/her strong from the core along with providing the optimistic blend in the approach

The natives having Jupiter in 3rd house are born with insatiable curiosity while on the other hand, these people are endowed with a strongly paved path of education besides which they are believed to reach admirable heights of success bringing affluence with respect to the native. They could do amazingly good in arenas like writing, communication and publishing as they really likes to share their learning with others.

The natives of this placement of Jupiter in Third house will be deeply philosophical and spiritual in their approach besides which they will see at everything with a positive perception. This further makes them stable at their mental composure and wiser at their appearance. These people having Brihaspati in 3rd bhava would develop good and true relations with brothers and sisters and with almost everyone around.

The placement of Saturn in the 9th bhava with this placement of Jupiter, brings longevity to the person while if the Saturn is placed in the 2nd bhava than the person could become ingenious and hypocritical in attitude. Besides this, Saturn in 4th house brings the danger of robbery to the person by his/her friends while if the Jupiter in 3rd house is accompanied by enemies, it would bring greater harms to the native and will make him/her emerge as a danger to closed ones.

In the end, these natives having Jupiter in third house should worship Goddess Durga and should offer food and sweets to little girls in a very pious and respectful manner. He/she should stay away from flatterers.

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