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Jupiter in 12th house | Brihaspati in 12th bhava | Jupiter in Twelfth house

The planet Jupiter or Guru is one of the most auspicious planets in the celestial arena as it provides pleasing impacts upon the natives life. The placement of Jupiter in 12th house would keep the person strong at mind and core and would bestow him with a well stable path of life.

The natives of this placement having Jupiter in 12th house would share a pleasing and peaceful relationship with almost everyone around and they would carry a humanitarian approach for people as they will extend help to others without any self interest and expectations of rewards. These natives possess a very intellectual and mature attitude besides which they are inclined towards research and studies.

The natives of this placement having Jupiter in twelfth house are positive and strong from the core and possess a strong and respected presence in the social arena besides this they are blessed to remain saved from the negativity in the environment around as they won't receive any harm form the surroundings. The generous and true core of these natives is their true potency upon land.

The placement of Jupiter here would provide the combined impacts of Jupiter & Rahu to the person which could bring some negative impacts as well as they are inimical in nature to each other. Besides this, the native would stay on the moral path and would keep his/her walk untainted. These people will stay involved in religious pursuits.

The people born in this combination having Guru in twelfth house would attain high peace of mind and would lead a harmonious life. He/she would reach the height of professional and social arena and would be blessed with good affluence. These natives would get benefits and growth in the business associated with machinery motor, trucks and cars. They should stay away from immoral drinks and food.

The natives of this placement having guru in twelfth bhava should pay services and donations to the sages, Gurus and should worship peepal tree. They should place water & saunf on the head of your bed in nights.

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