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Jupiter in 10th house | Brihaspati in 10th bhava | Jupiter in Tenth house

The planet Jupiter or Guru is a divine expression of supreme wisdom & knowledge and is a Guru of all celestial bodies. The arrival of Jupiter in tenth house would provide truly respected and admirable place to natives in the professional as well as social arena. This placement would bless the person with good & variant professional opportunities in life.

The natives born with Jupiter in 10th house would carry a wiser & mature approach towards their career path. They would be well aware of their path and would be truly sincere & determined at their work place though they won't be counted among the strict people as they will be generous and soft personalities but not careless. These people having Jupiter in 10th house would be admired around in the professional as well as social enclosure and would stand high with respect.

These people would carry their morals & ethics to their work place as they are not among the players of politics. They are the deep believers of honesty & trueness and would follow all the required norms & conventions at work place. They believe upon themselves for the success and their inner strength will make them win over most of hurdles in their path. Besides this, their knowledge & intellect would further strengthen your path. The natives possessing Guru or Jupiter in 10th house would lead a very satisfying and peaceful professional path in which they would attain good affluence & growth but their stature of reverence would be higher then their finances. Besides this, the tenth house in horoscope chart belongs to planet Saturn for which it will also provide the impacts of Saturn. According to astrological studies, being a bit of cunning and crafty would be beneficial for these natives as it will bring more benefits from Jupiter.

The placement of Sun in the 4th bhava would appear positive for this placement as it will further enhance the positive impact of Jupiter. Besides this, the placement of Venus & Mars in the 4th house along with this placement would result in more then one marriage of the native. Apart from this, the placement of friendly planets in 2nd, 4th & 6th bhavas would be positive for wealth & prosperity in life. The malefic impacts upon the Guru in 10th bhava would bring agony and miseries to the person besides which he/she would be deserted from wife, children and ancestral wealth. The people born in this placement are advised not to build a temple within the house arena. They should always put a tilak of saffron over their head and should offer almonds in the religious places whenever possible. They should offer copper coins in a running water or river for continuous 43days for reducing the malefic effects of this placement. These natives should always clean their nose before beginning any work.

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