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Jupiter in 11th house | Brihaspati in 11th bhava | Jupiter in Eleventh house

The planet Jupiter or Guru is one of the most pleasant celestial presence which provides supreme results upon the astrological arena as it won't ever leave any malefic impacts. The arrival of Jupiter in 11th house would bless the person with supreme heights of success that would be adorned with a wiser & respectful blend.

The natives of this placement of Jupiter in 11th house would be truly humanitarian & generous in the social arena and would carry a mature & wiser approach towards them for which they would develop true & strong relationships around in the social arena. This brings them great benefits from their social enclosure and keep them fortunate in their relationships. They would receive true & admirable support from the surroundings and this is one of the most significant part of their success.

The natives of this placement of Jupiter in 11th house would be truly attached in their relationships in their social circle as that meant to them and they find true pleasure in their friends and group involvements. They remain truly helpful for almost every one around due to which they are blessed to receive great helps as well. These people having Guru in eleventh house are untouched with selfishness and respect everyone's presence in this world. They are free souls from the core and are very open to this world and possess high endurance.

The presence of planet Jupiter here in eleventh bhava would leave adverse impacts upon the things & relatives associated with planet Mercury, Venus & Rahu for being inimical towards them. Besides this, it will also impact over the spouse of the native, sisters, daughter and father's sister in an adverse way and would bring difficulties to them.

The natives of this placement would possess dept in life and would live a comfortable & happy life till the time he/she would live with father and in a joint family comprising mother, sisters and brothers. These natives should always wear something of gold as that would reduce the malefic impacts of this placement and they should wear a copper bangle. They are advised to worship and offer water at Peepal tree.

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