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Jupiter in 2nd house | Brihaspati in 2nd bhava | Jupiter in second house

The planet Jupiter or brihaspati is among the supremely benefic planets who is perceived to take the person towards good heights while the placement of Jupiter in second house would bestow the native with supreme fortune as helping him/her succeed without much efforts at most of the places. Arrival of Jupiter in 2nd house will bring most of the goodness to the person.

The natives of this placement of Brihaspati or Guru in second house will possess a sharp mind for making money and they would not find much hurdles or difficulties in the path of their growth besides which these natives will also receive wealth from some other channels without any efforts. These natives will lead a life with comforts and materialistic pleasures for which he/she would spend much lavish amount but they are not inclined towards the worldly pleasures at the core as only they wish is to possess all the worthy stuff.

The native having Jupiter in 2nd house would possess more than one channels of income in general planetary placements but the placement of Venus is a very significant aspect for Jupiter impacts as they effect each other. Apart from this, the Jupiter in 2nd house would endow the native with a wiser composition of mind which would appear in their words and so on they would be able to receive admiration from others.

If the other planetary placements in the horoscope chart are not favoring the positive impacts of Jupiter in second bhava then, the native should pursue social services and donations to the needy and poor people.

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