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Baby Names  |  Indian Baby Names |  Foreign Baby names

The birth of child gives moment of rejoice and joy to the parents of the child and also to the entire family. The birth of a child gives the chance of celebration to the entire family of the child. Even, many times, a birth of a child healed the previously strained relations between the family members and strengthen the bonds between the family members.

A child is a gift to his parents from the God and always brings smile to everybody around. But along with , all the joy and celebration, comes the responsibility of this baby on the shoulder of the parents. They become worried about his future, luck, growth, health and many other factors. One very important factor is the Name of the Baby as the name of any person is the integral part of the overall persona of any individual. Parents are always eager to give the unique and lovable name to their child.

Here, presents the comprehensive lists of baby names of almost all the nationalities, regions and religions. This is our humble effort to reduce the efforts of parents trying to find the appropriate and unique names of their babies.   



Indian Baby Names

Here, we present the comprehensive list of Indian baby names comprising Hindu, Muslim and Tamil baby names

Indian Baby Names   


Foreign Baby Names

Here, we present the comprehensive list of foreign baby names. We tried to cover the baby names of every nationality and would add more in the future.

African Baby Boy Names African Baby Girl Names
American Baby Boy Names American Baby Girl Names
Arabic Baby Boy Names Arabic Baby Girl Names
Australian Baby Boy Names Australian Baby Girl Names
Buddhist Baby Boy Names Buddhist Baby Girl Names
Dutch Baby Boy Names Dutch Baby Girl Names
British Baby Boy Names British Baby Girl Names
French Baby Boy Names French Baby Girl Names
Greek Baby Boy Names Greek Baby Girl Names
Irish Baby Boy Names Irish Baby Girl Names
Japanese Baby Boy Names Japanese Baby Girl Names
Malaysian Baby Boy Names Malaysian Baby Girl Names
Parsi Baby Boy Names Parsi Baby Girl Names
German Baby Boy Names German Baby Girl Names
Hebrew Baby Boy Names Hebrew Baby Girl Names
Iranian Baby Boy Names Iranian Baby Girl Names
Italian Baby Boy Names Italian Baby Girl Names
Latin Baby Boy Names Latin Baby Girl Names
Portuguese Baby Boy Names Portuguese Baby Girl Names

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