Mars in 9th house by - Effects of the placements of Mars planet in ninth house , Mangal in 9th bhava

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Mars in 9th house | Mangal in 9th bhava | Mars in ninth house

The planet Mars is a well known potent celestial presence which holds a lot of vigor for which it appears both positive as well as negative at different times. The placement of Mars in the 9th house would bring a strong core to the person as making him/her truly dynamic personalities with birth. The natives of this placement of Mars in 9th house would be truly strong from the core for which they would carry enough self believe to triumph over the world but it could be at extreme at times which could be quiet harmful at some places. They are full of ideas and are efficient enough to express them as well but these people should avoid compelling their perception over others and should also listen to those around them. These people having mangal in ninth house carry dominating personalities with a blend of vivacious persona for which they are liked and followed by many around but they lack the patience in their approach and could become very restless at times when things doesn't move according to them as they are not much flexible in their attitude though adaptable to variant surroundings. These natives will prefer to have companions of lively and interesting personalities. The natives of this placement are born explorers who would take risks of unveiling lurked arenas and bringing out new ways. There is no place of fear in their mind. Besides this, they are lovers of traveling and strong believe upon spiritual and philosophical aspects as well. These people could also be seen as being involved in sports arena.

The 9th house is ruled by planet Jupiter who shares a friendly relation with the planet Mars as making this placement quiet auspicious for bringing positive results to the natives. This placement would be like a divine blessing for the people born under this. The native's brother's wife would be fortunate for the person and the native would receive truly positive results and great happiness at home if he/she would stay in a joint family as keeping all the brothers near. They would have equal number of brothers to his/her father's brothers. The natives of this placement of Mars in ninth house would reach great heights upon land and that is in a very early age as they are perceived to attain powerful administrative places till the age of 28yrs. He/she would be fortunate enough to attain great profits as specially in the trade of things associated with warfare. They would possess good respect and wealth upon land and are believe to lead a good life though there would be some obstacles in the path. The natives of this placement having mangal in ninth house should pay respect and services to the elders and specially to brothers and should pay honest services to the brother's wife. These natives having mangal in 9th house should keep their believe upon their culture and primitive beliefs and should follow them as it would be very beneficial for them. they should confer rice, milk and jaggery at sacred places of worship.

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