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Mars in 7th house | Mangal in 7th bhava | Mars in seventh house

The planet Mars or mangal is the giver of immense potency and makes human beings strong from the core but it also bestow aggression & impatience which is the reason for its being malefic at times. The arrival of planet Mars in the 7th house would bring some adverse effects upon the native's life and it will provide an average path of relationships for these natives. The natives born under this placement of Mars in 7th house are perceived to confront problems in their conjugal path as they would find difficulties in getting married as well as during their walk over the conjugal path. Besides this, they won't have much and many strong relations in the outer world as they would face some problems in their professional arena as well. The main reason behind all of these problems will be their hasty and impatient attitude and their violent mental composure. Besides this, they would get surrounded by similar aggressive people in the personal as well as professional enclosure. This placement is pleasant for taking the native towards good heights in the arena of sales & marketing for the native being competitive at the core..

The natives of this placement of Mars in 7th house would confront conflicts and quarrels in their relationships and would lead unstable conjugal path for which they would lack peace in their marital life. These natives having mangal in seventh bhava are advised to marry someone who could understand them well and who would possess a mature attitude. These people having mangal in seventh bhava are quiet inflexible about other opinion for which they are advised to give a thought even to oppositions as they could also be at the right side at times. They should try to avoid arguments. The seventh house receives the influences of both Venus & Mercury which together provides the impacts of Sun therefore, the placement of Mars here receives the impacts of Sun as well and so on the native would attain strong positions in the professional and social arena and would be bestowed with good affluence and heights. Apart from this, if Mercury get placed along with the planet Mars then, it will bring adverse impacts upon all the aspects associated with Mercury as there would be problems with sister, sister-in-law, nurses, maid servants, goats, parrots, etc. In such placement, the natives are advised to stay away from all of mentioned above.

The natives born with Mars in 7th house should place a solid piece of silver in his/her house and should offer sweets to daughter, sister, sister-in-law and widows. He/she should build a small wall and destroy it every time after rebuilding it. These measures would bring betterment in the natives lives.

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