Mars in 2nd house by - Effects of the placements of Mars planet in second house , Mangal in 2nd bhava

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Mars in 2nd house | Mangal in 2nd bhava | Mars in second house

The planet Mars or mangal is the giver of valor and energy for which the natives of Mars or mangal are perceived to be vigorous and potent beings while the presence of Mars in the 2nd house will take the person towards high involvement for money making where he/she would put most of his/her endeavor and hard work for earning to the most possible extent..

The natives of this placement of Mars in 2nd house are perceived to earn good affluence by using their intellect and intelligence as they are born with very strong business aptitude but they won't pursue much savings as they will spend it for earning most of materialistic pleasures and are quiet careless with money. Besides this, these natives of mangal in second bhava would be quiet firm at their needs and wants and will do all possible things for the same.

The natives of this placement of Mars in 2nd house are quiet firm and aggressive in their attitude besides which they are very possessive with their belongings while mostly with which they have earned by their own efforts. These natives should take hold upon their aggressive & harsh words and should try to control their urge for having all they see around. He/she should maintain a calmed behavior for reducing malefic effects of this placement

The placement of Mars in the second house will bring good wealth from the in-law's to the native and could make the person wicked and hypocritical for others as leading him/her towards death in war or quarrels. Accompany of Mercury could reduce the will power and inner strength of the native. These natives should pursue business associated with Moon as in relating to clothes for acquiring good results. They should keep the skin of deer in their houses.

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