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Mars in 4th house | Mangal in 4th bhava | Mars in fourth house

The planet Mars or mangal is a vivid expression of potency and aggression for which it bestows the same attributes to the natives and so on the presence of Mars in the fourth house will make the native strong at mind and somewhat aggressive and hasty in approach

The natives of this placement of Mars in 4th house are very much attached to their homes and are quiet possessive & protective towards their closed ones, family and friends. They are believed to stay involved in family matters as they are much concerned about them but their arrogant & impatient attitude brings many conflicts at the home front either with family members or for them. This further takes them away from the idea of marriage. They are usually the most dominating people at home.

The immense love of these natives having mangal in fourth house for their mother land and their vigorous & audacious approach takes them towards deep patriotism for which they are much inclined towards defense professions and appear like militants from the very early age and they will possess the similar strong physical appearance even in old age. Besides this, the person having mangal in fourth bhava could also be involved in environmental and ecological aspects.

The placement of Mars in the 4th house will make the native rude and harsh at times and the person would not possess a good attitude towards younger ones. He/she could also possess malice and jealousy for others. The native's aggression will be the reason for most of hurdles and obstacles in life. There will be lack of peace in life.

In the end, the natives should keep a square form part of silver and should stay away from black, one-eyed or disabled people. They should confer sweet milk at the roots of banyan tree and place some of the same wet soil over your navel. The person having mars in fourth house should place empty bags of sugar on the roof of the house, shop and factory for defending it from fire disasters. These rituals will reduce the malefic impacts of Mars to a good extent.

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