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Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer Capricorn ( Karka - Makar ) Compatibility

Capricorn will be a practical person who will be having fixed goals in his mind and will not be much impacted by the happenings of the otherís life. He will not be much attached with otherís. Can on the other hand will be a emotional person . He will be much attached with the people and happenings in their life. Capricorn will be a considerate person but will not leave his goals of life for others. His decisions will be much impacted by others. On the other hand, Cancerís decisions will be impacted by others.

Capricorn will not be that much close in a relationship. For Cancer , this will not be acceptable. The ambitions of Capricorn will appear less attractive to him. When Capricorn will set his goal, he will put his full energy towards the goal which sometimes will take long hours of work and late sittings. He will be much focused on his goal and will fight till the end. He is a born fighter and have a very high level of endurance. Cancer will not be ambitious to the extent of Capricorn and will like to lead a happy and sweet life with his partner. He is also ambitious but ambition is not the first thing for him.

There will be some common points also. Capricorn will not be that much adventurous just like the Cancer. Both will be having stable personalities with not much twist and turns. Capricorns are generally loyal in the relationships which is of much likings of the Cancer. Capricorn will be able to provide the security asked by the Cancer. Capricorn will be much impressed by the compassion of the Cancer.The match can be successful but it will be dependent on the adjustments done by both of them. Both have many opposite traits but is love is already blossomed between them, then there is a good possibility of having a good and long relationship.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

In the initial day, there will be chances of good level of affection and compatibility. But it will be difficult to keep it alive in long term. Cancer man emotional approach will not go well with Capricorn woman who is more practical and ambitious .She will try to induce her ambition in to Cancer man but there will not be much change happen with the Cancer man. This will make her frustrated. Cancer man will be on many occasion retreat to his mysterious nature which will be much liking to her. She is very practical and many times hurt the emotional Cancer man by her direct talks. 

Both need to work much on the relationship. She needs to be more tolerant towards the emotions of Cancer man . Cancer man will also need to be little bit more practical. With these adjustments, they can have a good relationship.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man

Cancer woman will be much emotional and Capricorn man will be practical. They have different approaches towards life. So there will be much differences between them. Cancer woman will try to involve him with her. He will be much impressed with her compassion and will try to take care of her. But her definitions of taking care will be different from him. She will get pleased when the love relationship and other relationships with the other family members are getting the first importance. He will have different thoughts. Capricorn man also loves his family and will take good care of them but that one of the important things for him. He has many other important things to do in this world .Here, they will have differences. Capricorn man will want her Cancer partner to be more practical and less emotional while cancer woman want him to be more emotional and less practical  

The love compatibility is possible if both of them want to adjust much on their habits and their  nature. If love is already blossomed between them , then the compatibility is possible.

Astrology Compatibility score: 4.0/10

Conclusion: Less compatibility , much  work needs to be done


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