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Different attitudes of variant Rudraksha Part -1

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wearing rudraksh Everything in this mortal world have come in varieties so as Rudraksha beads, spreading different divine blessings of Lord Shiva, in different directions, in different images. Trusting on the sacred words of doctrines, these paradisiacal symbols of almighty are believed to exist in 38 varieties out of which only 21 have proved their existence in front of human beings and rest are still lurked in cottage. These heavenly pearls of Lord Shiva’s eyes, varies in their potency of existence and effect as well, expressing variant massages from heaven to mortals wandering on mortal land to live like in heaven.

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

Ek mukhi Rudraksha or one faced rudraksh is the utmost one among the rest, standing at the highest position it acquires most potent stature in the grounds surrounded by sacred beads. But its sovereignty is accompanied by its rare occurrence on earth making our path more complicated to reach its mount. The ruling planet of one faced bead is the emperor of all planets that is sun and it represents the all divine souls in one supreme portrait as one single sovereign deity. It is a vivid exploration of supreme truth of paradise with the shades of eternity articulating the universal and perpetual truth about the existence of only one god reminisced in many ways from ages.

One faced Rudraksha bead exists in two structures comprising round appearing as presence of explicit round one faced bead is still like a myth even after mentioned at many pages and half moon shaped which is quiet in abundant presence in India and Shrilanka. It is believed to be most auspicious bead to be worshiped with a believe of bestowing all comforts and pleasures throughout the walk on land, without leaving any mark of these materialized pieces as it also keeps the person away from the feel of the same. In the expressions of astrology, it explores its significance as to cure malefic effects of the sun and being dominated by the ruler of solar system it reflects heavenly peace and pleasure on land.

Ek mukhi Rudraksha dominates over the 7th chakra that is Sahasrana Padma Chakra, on the top of the head leaving its impact on brain of human body comprising the neurophysiology and consciousness through the pineal gland, pituitary gland, the optic chiasm and the hypothalamus. It bestow the person with sharp intellect, super consciousness, strong concentration power all along with strong mental stature. These beads of 1 mukhi attain triumphs over physical ailments of same confinement like headache, ear ailments, bowel problems, bone weakness, heart diseases, right eye defect, etc joined by some psychological disorders like lack of confidence, charisma, personal power, leadership qualities etc.

This sacred pearl also possess a believed procedure of adopting it articulating that it should be capped in Gold or Silver and worn round the neck. It could also possessed as being placed well at the worshipping place as it acquires the position of highest sacred signs of almighty. These holy rituals are assumed to be done on Monday along with chanting Mantras “Om Namah Shivaya” or “Om Hreem Namah”.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha

Two faced or 2 mukhi rudraksha the soul image of Ardhanareeshwara deity who is the single image of both God Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti). It is the divine exploration of being only the one irrespective of all differences in this universe. The ruling planet of two faced Rudraksha is Moon and its adoption defends the person from malefic effects of Moon. Being the symbol of unity it binds the family together in harmony and bliss. It becomes a shield in front of diseases like kidney, left eye and intestine. 2 mukhi rudraksh gives spiritual persistence to life and clear out he conflicts and misunderstandings in close enclosure of the person. This oval shaped sacred pearl could be seen in Nepal and Haridwar. It is mostly presumed to be worn by yoga practitioners and devotees. These beads should be adopted along with a red thread and chanting the mantras “Shree Gauri Shankaraya Namah” and “Om Namah” preferring on Monday.

3 mukhi Rudraksha

The three faced or 3 mukhi Rudraksha is the explicit expression of trinity of all three gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh deities of creation, maintenance and destruction, explaining the trinity of Gunaas Satty, Rajas, Tamas and presenting the trinity of spheres Sky, Earth and Patal all together at a single plane. The wearer or three faced bead becomes free from his or her past life sins and enters the pious environment. It saves us from malefic effects like disease of blood, blood pressure, weakness, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney etc. and keeps us away from depression, negative feelings, guilt feelings, inferiority complexes etc. for acquiring the divine blessings of all supreme gods, three faced beads should be washed in Ganga water and worn on three threads, yellow and red. It is believed to adopt on Sunday after sunrise along with chanting mantra “Om Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Devaya Namaha”.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha

Four faced or 4 mukhi Rudraksha is the portrait of four faced Brahma, the divine soul of universal knowledge and creator of material universe along with the shade of Goddess Saraswati exploring his supreme effects of intellect through this paradisiacal bead. It endows the person with high creativity and potential of knowledge leading him or her to the high stature among the masses. The ruling planet of four faced rudraksh is mercury so as it defends the person from malefic effects of the planet comprising intellectual dullness, low grasping capacity and understanding power, low communicating skills and neurotic conditions of mind. It is advised to be adopted by students, poets, researchers, scientists and those seeking academic posts as it enhances the intelligence and thinking ability of the person. As it has always been said and believe it should be strung on a red thread and could be fasten in the right hand on Thursday along with chanting mantra “Om Brahma Devaya Namaha”.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha

The five faced or panch mukhi Rudraksha is the soul image of most potent divine structure of Lord Shiva reminiscence as “Kaalagni” exploring the wealth along with knowledge to the wearer. The ruling planet of this sacred 5 mukhi rudraksh is Jupiter, which bestow the worthy and perpetual learning to the mortals. It is believed to be effective in recovering past times and recollecting them back in the mind. The Jupiter being the sign of fire assumed to wipeout the sins and faults from human soul as fire purifies the metal leaving behind a chaste embodiment in peace with great satisfaction. five faced bead is perceived to be worn to stay away from malefic effects of Jupiter like lack of peace, utter poverty, lack of harmony, disease of fat, kidney, thigh, ear, diabetes etc. It could be adopted on any day along with a red thread with chanting mantra “Om Namaha Shivaya.

6 mukhi Rudraksha

The six faced or 6 mukhi Rudraksha is the shadow image of Lord Shiva’s divine son Kartikeya, exploring his supreme portrait of six heads and spreading his benevolence on earth. The governing planet of the six faced rudraksha bead is Venus ruling over genital organs, throat, valor, sexual pleasure, love, music etc. so as this sacred bead defends us from the malefic effects on the same. six faced bead keep us away from the worldly pains and develops the potency of mind to win over different aspects of life. Through this medium, the deity is presumed to protect the children from childhood diseases caused by witches, ghosts, and other such subtle causes and defend the mortals from high blood pressure, all kinds of fevers, headaches, stomach problems, etc. This is advised to be adopted by students, managers, businessmen, journalists and Editors to be acquired on Monday after touching it to Shiva Lingam along with chanting the mantra “Om Shivaya Kartikeyaya Namah”.

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