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Taurus Cancer Compatibility

Taurus Cancer ( Vrishabha - Cancer ) Compatibility

Cancer’s love for his family is much appreciated by Taurus which is quite unlikely in many other’s zodiac signs. Both are home loving people and not like to frequently visit the vibrant and happening places. Instead of this, they will require to be in a comfort of their home with each other and shower each other with their love.

Both are of sensitive nature and will like to be treated with respect and care. Taurus will rarely hurt the sensitive core of the crab. In the return, the crab will shower the bull with his enormous love and care. Taurus will not feel suffocated in the requirement of the closely-nit relationship of crab. Rather, he will feel happy in such relationship.

Taurus has a great sense of possessiveness which is quite supported by Cancer which always want to attached closely and will support the possessiveness of Taurus which will give him much satisfaction. Neither Taurus nor cancer has the flirtatious nature which can annoy both of them.

The stability and calmness of Taurus will instantly attract Cancer and his sensuality and caring nature will be adored by Taurus. Both have higher level of compatibility. The time taken by the Taurus to take decisions by calculating the risk and not taking hasty decisions will be liked by cancer and Cancer’s love for security and stability will be loved by Taurus. The compassion of Taurus will be loved by cancer

The problematic aspects of the relation is the inflexibility of Taurus which will not be liked by Cancer. The stubbornness of Taurus can make deep scares in cancer’s heart. Though, they will easily understand each other and will work accordingly to have a great relationship.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

Taurus man will always like a comfortable and loving home. Cancer woman will love to provide this as this is her foremost dream. Taurus man will be having good respect for social rules and will feel better if his life partner also follow the social rules. This will be easily done by the gentle crab.

The cancer woman will make him feel better by sharing her imaginations and he will not feel overwhelmed as the cancer dreams are not very wild but are gentle.

The compatibility will be high and this couple will be together happily without much quarrels and disputes.

Compatibility score : 8 / 10

Conclusion : Good compatibility

Taurus Facts

Taurus symbol - The Bull

Taurus ruling Planet - Venus

Taurus quality - Fixed

Taurus element - Earth

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