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Cancer relationship | Karka relationships  | Cancer in friendship | Cancer as a father, mother, children, teacher and friend

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As a Father

The Cancer father in this relationship would be a very loving and caring parent who would be very much attached to his children and wonít pour his anger or harshness upon them as a Cancer father canít see his child in any pain. They are devoted fathers and children would love to have you as their father but you might lack the required strictness a father should have.


As a Mother

The Cancer women in this relationship are perceived to be the best image of a mother as she is the most soft and loving at heart who would pour her love to her childrenís friends as well. She will be very much attached to her family and children whom she wonít let anything harm besides which she is over worrying mother. She will keep her children in a warm arena.


As a Son/Daughter

The Cancer natives are perceived to be truly obedient and sincere children who would be deeply devoted towards their family and parents and would make their parent proud of them. But, they are very much sensitive children who would learn from love but anger and harshness could take them towards opposite direction.


As a Teacher/Senior

A Cancer person would be a Teacher who would be liked by most of his students for his soft and loving attitude toward children and for his/her bringing out easier ways for students to learn. These natives would maintain a cordial and strong relation with juniors as well and would make them love to work under their super vision.


 As a friend / in Friendship

A Cancer person in friendship would be a completely devoted friend who would be very much attached to his or her friends and would have many of them around. They would do all the possible things for their friends and wonít ever be absent in their need. But they are highly sensitive and could be a little self centered too.





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