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Astro psychology

Astro psychology is the blending of principles of psychology with the concepts of astrology. This is a unique combinations of both the streams which deals with the problems in various spheres of human life using the diagnosis, analysis and remedies provided by both the streams.

Astrology and psychology , both have been serving the human race from a long period of time. The combination of them is evolved form which comes into existence after deep study and research.

How Astro psychology works

The life-cycle of astro psychology starts with initial phase of interaction with the person who requires the services of astro-psychology, to have initial understanding of his/her potential problem. In the same session, the birth details of the person are taken.

The next phase involves the analysis of the horoscope prepared by the supplied birth details and diagnosis of the cause of the potential problem in the birth chart. The birth chart supplies the valuabkle information to the astro psychology professional as it tells him the nature of the native, the malefic planet or planets involved in the present problem and the extent to which the native is impacted.

After this , the next phase includes the through psychological counseling of the person and verifying the previous results obtained by the astrological analysis with the help of psychological principles. At this stage, the counselor knows the exact cause of the problem and now the next stage is to plan and start the cure of the problem.

The beauty of Astro psychology lies in the remedial phase which makes it very unique and very useful. Based on the input and analysis, obtained from the previous phases, Astro psychology professional decides about the solution. The solution may contain psychological therapy, counseling or suggestion of astrological remedies or the combination of both depending upon the requirement. This flexibility of using the remedial measures from both the streams makes Astro-psycology a powerful tool to provide most effective solutions to the native.

Astro psychology session

Get the astro psychology session for solving your potential problems by the expert. The service will contain 3 sessions of psychological counseling and suggestion of astrological remedies.

Astro psychology session : Rupees 2000 $33

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