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Aries Cancer Compatibility

Aries Cancer ( Mesha - Karka ) Compatibility

Aries can feel suffocated by the by the requirements of a cancer in case of intimacy and attention towards family affairs. Aries also have the intimate and warm feeling towards his family members and friends and will try to suffice the needs of them. But it is not comparable with the too much affection and care on the family part of the Cancer individual. Aries has equal importance for his freedom and individuality. He can not always think about family. He has his own plans and freedom .This sometimes lead to a development of a feeling in cancer that he is the only one contributing to relation. He will find Aries as selfish and indifferent. While in the eyes of an Aries, the cancerian may be a over-dependent and needy individual.

Aries wants to go out. On this again, he will not find his Cancer partner interested many times since cancer individual can not go outside as frequently as an Aries.

Aries like to express his thoughts freely and he would speak whatever is there in his mind. Though it being a good quality in the eyes of the some other fire signs, can hurt the very sensitive Crab deeply. It can give the deep wounds to the internal core of cancer individual and the bigger problem is that cancer will not express his displeasures as frankly as Aries. If these things are taken care by both individuals, there are so many good things which can be learnt from each other. Aries can learn the compassion and sensitivity from Cancer and Cancerian can learn the lessons of being more independent from the Arian.

The relationship can work but much efforts needs to be made by both the partners. They really need to adjust with each other’s nature and see the positive qualities of each other which are present in both of them in good abundance.

Aries Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer female can provide tons of care and love to an Aries male which he may not require in such abundance. He will like the balance between his time spent at home and outside. But cancer would like him more in home in her Love-nest.

She will not at all feel good when the Aries will praise the other female as Aries will not be hesitant to praise something which is worth praising whether a beautiful painting or a beautiful female. Cancer woman will not be able to tolerate this habit of his male and will feel very jealous. Aries male’s frank comments about her sometimes not so good hairstyle or dress (which may happen with anybody sometimes) will break her heart.

If Aries male learn to not break her heart with his comments and cancer woman learn to give his most required freedom the relationship can work in a very good way.

Aries Woman and Cancer Man

Cancer man will be a over-possessive in the eyes of Aries woman who will require more freedom. Sometimes, she will feel that cancer male is boring when he will prefer to be in home on weekends rather than going outside for eating or for a pub.

Arian female will be too much outgoing and super-energetic for cancer male to handle. The attraction level will be high in the inception of the relation put it is hard to persist. Both will have to work on the relation to keep it in good health. One of the two or both has to adjust for a successful relationship

Compatibility score: 5 / 10

Conclusion: Not made in heavens , much work has to be done

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