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Sun in 2nd house | Surya in 2nd bhava | Sun in second house

Sun is the divine expression of potency and dominance which also holds immense aggression along with highest authority for being the emperor among all the planets. Sun is an auspicious presence but it could also appear as malefic for certain planetary placements for which it provides both pleasant and adverse impacts to human beings.

The presence of Sun in the second house will bestow them financial strength as these natives with Sun in 2nd house would attain good professional places or would have variant channels of income for keeping them wealthy while on the other part, these natives with Sun in second house would pursue very lavish and careless spending of money as they are born attached to materialistic pleasures and comforts. They always seek for financial independence.

The natives of this placement of Sun in second house are effective talkers as they will leave impacts behind besides which they are perceived to be true to his/her words as these natives won't ever break their promises. Besides this, these natives of Sun in 2nd house are perceived to be intellectual beings who would pursue good learning and would turn towards research and scientific aspects.

Apart from this, these natives with sun in 2nd house would be stubborn and peevish in their attitude. They could be stammers and could face danger to their lives during the age of 25yrs.

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