Sun in 9th house by -  Effects of the placements of Sun planet in ninth house , Surya in 9th bhava
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Sun in 9th house |  Surya in 9th house | Sun in ninth bhava

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The Sun is a well perceived benefic presence though it comes along with some difficulties at most of the places but at the whole, it is an auspicious presence. Here, the arrival of Sun in the 9th house would bring most of the impacts of Sun at the core of the native as

The presence of Sun in the ninth house will bestow a vision to see far beyond the picture for which these people would carry a idealistic approach and would be somewhat fantastical in their attitude. These people won’t see life with a simple view as they will explore it high and would perceive it till the depth but this could take them away from practical understanding. They will be highly curious to attain all the knowledge present around and would be truly philosophical & spiritual in their approach.

The natives of this placement of Sun in the 9th house see all as one, as all are same & human and bind in a thread of humanity which they believe to strengthen more with sharing knowledge and learning. They will seek to know every aspect till its root and every person till the core. Their thirst of knowledge is almost insatiable which could be a reason of restlessness at times while on the other part, they could be overly confident at times and would be quiet inflexible about others opinion if it opposes what they have. They could even turn aggressive at times.

The natives of this placement of Surya in the ninth bhava are perceived to emerge high with the knowledge of variant cultures of various lands besides which, they would be proficient in many languages for which they could grow really good as translators and teachers. In true words, they are wiser souls with wiser vision towards the world.

The benefic placement of Sun in the 9th house would bring great fortune to the person who would be truly warm and nice in attitude and would be blessed with a good family. He/she would carry a humanitarian approach and would be truly helpful in nature. Besides this, the placement of Mercury in 5th house will bring fortune to the natives till the age of 34yrs.

The malefic placement of Sun in the Ninth bhava here would bring troubles from the sides of brother besides which, these people would be wicked and evil in their approach. They would receive defamation from the government or some higher authorities. These people having Surya in 9th bhava should never accept silver or silver stuff as a gift or donation and should donate silver often to the possible extent. They should use ancestral pots & utensils and should never sell them further. They should avoid anger to the possible extent and should adopt softness and warmth in their attitude.

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