Sun in 12th house by -  Effects of the placements of Sun planet in twelfth house , Surya in 12th bhava
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Sun in 12th house |  Surya in 12th house | Sun in twelfth bhava

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The Sun is the most auspicious presence in the celestial arena which provides pleasing impacts upon the native’s life as it will provide good path of life. Presence of Sun in the 12th house would bring good heights of career & finance to the person besides which there will be a balance in between the income and expenditure.

The natives born with Sun in their 12th house would be reserve personas who would always need their space as they feel secure & strong within that. They are the true seekers of peace and wish to live in an harmonious environment. They won’t be friends with everyone around but will share a peaceful bond with the society and in professional arena while on the other part, they would be more satisfied in solitude but they do believe in keeping many people in good relation but they are not among the social animals.

The natives of this placement of Sun in 12th bhava would give great endeavor and hard work at every place & aspect throughout their life path besides which they will provide variant services to those around while on the most positive side of it, they will get recognized and admired for all of their efforts & services. Apart from this, these natives of having Surya in twelfth bhava carry a leading approach and personality wherever the stand and move from.

They believe in possessing strong understanding and perceiving the depths of worthy aspects. They will look towards reaching the intellectual & wiser heights rather than craving towards the center stage and all lights upon them. Their calm appearance won’t let their real core come out in the public or should say in front of any one for which only very rare people would be aware of their real one.

The placement of Ketu in the 2nd bhava would bring goodness of wealth and family life to the native besides this, the placement of Venus & Mercury together in the 2nd bhava would bring admirable heights of success in business & finances. On the other hand, the malefic placement of Sun in the twelfth house would bring financial losses and bitter relations with the authority people along with an unstable & depressive path of life. Besides this, any malefic placement in the ascendant would result in lack of peace from the native’s life as he/she won’t even able to have a peaceful sleep.

The natives of this placement having Sun in 12th house should always possess a courtyard within the house and should stay true & pure from the core throughout the life path. He/She having Surya in twelfth bhava should stay involved in spiritual aspects and should learn to forgive others even to enemies as that will benefit them. They should keep a Chakki inside the house.

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