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Pushya Nakshatra

The Pushya Nakshatra is perceived to be of supreme platter among all the Nakshatras and is believed to be the most auspicious arena as it is preferred for all good pursuits upon land for being bestowed with all divine shades beginning from 3.20 to 16.40 degrees in Karka or Cancer zodiac. This divine arena is the enclosure of Lord Brihaspati which is ruled by planet Saturn and expressed through the teat of the cow. This could be articulated as the immense blessings of nature and its creator.

The arena of Pushyami Nakshatra is the portrait of all the truth prevailing around, it's the platter of all that present around and the holder of all the supreme knowledge and so on it is the picture of divine maker who nourishes, protects and pours strength. This arena shines with the brilliance of prosperity and happiness and possess all the positive shades of heaven.

Reflections of Pushya Nakshatra

The natives of Pushya Nakshatra are perceived to be endowed with all the positive attributes which makes them appear all noble and dignified besides which they are learned souls and are bestowed with attractive looks and appealing personality. These people are believed to attain good affluence and much respect upon land and so on they lead a blissful and happy life. The are the carriers of morals and religious values upon the right track. These people are quiet aggressive too but are truly affectionate at the core. They could be seen standing strong at high mounts upon land.

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Impacts/Results for Male natives born in Pushya Nakshatra

Appearance of people of Pushya nakshatra

The male natives of Pushya Nakshatra are endowed with dignified touch in their personality which makes them appear noble and wiser upon land and so on makes them highly appealing and respected by those around. They are bestowed with a strong and dominating personality. Besides this, there is no particular perception about the formation of their body and stature as they are born in variant and different forms but they will always carry some visible identification mark upon them as some mole or scar.

Attitude and life path of natives of Pushya nakshatra

The male natives of Pushyami Nakshatra are much fragile and vulnerable at the core for which everything either good or bad reaches their heart very easily and faster and so on they lack the stability at mind and are quiet unable to take strong and right decisions. They always require mental support and so on they become quiet self centered from inside while this would never appear outside for they being skilled in hiding their inner self inside and behaving well and dignified.

These natives of Pushya Nakshatra are not evil minded people they are truly good and moralized at the core but they are not strong enough to stop the impact of outer world and defend themselves from its influence. They requires to be taken care and look after by others to keep them on a safer and right track as they could emerge really high through their attributes of Pushyami Nakshatra or either could fall very deep due to their inner weakness. These individuals are true believers of righteousness and always prefer the right path.

The natives of Pushya Nakshatra are sincere and affectionate people but lack the practical blend in their attitude and so on stay in the fear of being hurt and misused by others. They could live a blossoming and blissful life if the put the require efforts and use the true understanding.

Professional front

The natives of Pushya Nakshatra are sincere and affectionate people but lack the practical blend in their attitude and so on stay in the fear of being hurt and misused by others. They could live a blossoming and blissful life if the put the require efforts and use the true understanding.

Besides this, the lack of stability in mind could also make them loose as they are highly influential and can easily be taken towards any path and this all could bring failures many a times. Another problems is of their being much free living individuals which does not let them be stable on a single path and would make them fluctuate a lot.

They are good in intellectual conversation as they are born inclined towards acquiring knowledge and so on are the holders of immense knowledge even if they would not be much educated. On the other hand, they would work really productive and worth if given the right amount of freedom, good guidance and suitable environment to work and if all these things are present around then they are good in any sort of job and could grow high.

In the end, these natives of Pushyami or Pushya Nakshatra would confront much difficulties and downfall in the age of 15 and 16yrs while the path after that would be quiet fluctuating and would comprise much hurdles along with some of stable shelters till the age of 32yrs. Their lives after 33yrs will start growing in real with growing stability on account of their acquired understanding and experiences and will bring them good affluence and respect.

Family portrait

The natives of Pushya Nakshatra are perceived to walk upon a difficult family path with much of hurdles in family arena from the childhood as their family would see much of downfalls besides which they would be much of hindrances and noise in the family threads which altogether will bring them lot of bad times both financially and socially. These people will stay attached to their parents at the core.

On the other hand, the natives of of Pushyami or Pushya Nakshatra would learn a lot from the bitter experiences of life which could become their strength later in life. In their conjugal portrait they would be needed to stay away from their wives and children due to variant reasons while on the other hand, these individuals would be unable to truth completely upon their spouses and would expect them not to become dependent wives.

The marriages of Pushyami natives are advised to pursue through complete astrological consultation and recommendations.


The natives of Pushyami Nakshatra are perceived to confront many hurdles in their health path with special indication till the age of 15yrs while they will be lesser afterwards. These could comprise Jaundice, cough, ulcer, Gall stones, eczema, cancer and gastric.

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