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Ashlesha Nakshatra

The enclosure of Ashlesha Nakshatra are is the celestial enclosure for its being the birth arena of Lord Lakshman and his twin brother Shatrughana and so on it began with 16.40 degrees and goes till 30 degrees in Karka or Cancer Zodiac besides which it is ruled by planet Mercury throughout the whole enclosure. It has the expression of coiled up snakes for which this arena also gets the impact of its shades including pain and problems emerges from the poison. This arena would include many of dangers and negative impacts.

Reflections of Ashlesha Nakshatra

The natives of Ashlesha Nakshatra are born with strong personas who carries immense strength of mind and are highly free living people as they are born conquerors and explorers upon land who would lead the masses towards different directions as these people are endowed with enormous valor which could also take them towards appearing callous and cruel at times besides which they are truly aggressive personalities and could become very harsh to anyone around.

They are proud individuals who would wander at variant places and could be seen as changing their jobs without any particular reason or pursuing something which doesn't mean anything significant to them. Besides this, they could be seen as living with any female companion for them or near animals like cow. This altogether could also take them towards pursuing the immoral path and so on would take them towards a miserable and gloomy path of life. These people are childish at the whole and in real do not know what they are doing and what they needs to do.

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Impacts/Results for Male natives born in Ashlesha Nakshatra

Appearance of people of Ashlesha Nakshatra

The male natives of Ashlesha Nakshatra are perceived to carry a tough personality besides which they appear as reserved people upon land. People see them as harsh and callous individuals on account of their attitude which is believed to be rude and proudly. These natives are bestowed with stout body and tough features but they are not strong enough from inside as they appear outside

Attitude and life path of natives of Ashlesha Nakshatra

The natives of Ashlesha Nakshatra are perceived to be carry a tough and harsh attitude towards the life and everyone around them as they won't care much for anyone or anything around neither would be thankful to them for whatever good they did while on the other hand they would behave completely opposite to the same and will appear as sincere in front of others. This arena also comprise some of coward and timid natives who would be equally strong at mind and would be comparatively softer in their approach but they would also appear as tough personas to those around for being born with this blend.

These people are skilled enough to lurk their true side inside them. The Ashlesha natives are perceived to be endowed with strong eloquence and art of attracting others towards them and leaving a impressive mark upon people. These individuals of Aslesha nakshatra appear to be vivacious and are intelligent enough to become a strong leader to lead the masses. They carry a strong and insatiable desire to reach the highest mount which do takes them towards the height but could also make them bend towards the wrong direction. These people are well suited in political arena.

On the other hand, Aslesha natives are loyal at the core as they won't ever like to pursue the path of betraying anybody while they could be seen somehow involved or related to illegal and immoral arenas like gambling, murders, theft and black marketing. Besides this, they are born leaders for which they could only stay close to those who would agree to their each word without pondering upon the same and so on they stay truly attached to them. They like to help others but unknowingly they would ignore the real needy person while helping others and will let everyone know about the same. But the predicament here is that these attributes won't be visible to people become of their other shades.

The natives of Ashlesha Nakshatra are endowed with much luck and are believed to reach at good places but they lack at taking the right decisions at many a times throughout their path. They won't be live and enjoy life in true.

Professional front

The natives of Ashlesha Nakshatra are perceived to possess a insatiable desire to reach the top most mount as they would always think of growing further without enjoying the present success and for this they could be seen at higher places upon land but won't have a good picture of life even at heights.

These individuals of Aslesha nakshatra are perceived to pursue the educational path of Arts and Commerce while scientific arena doesn't touch them anywhere in their life path. These people could grow really good in the political enclosure and in the marketing arena besides which they are bestowed with well growing path indeed, growth with good speed.

The natives of Ashlesha arena are believed to confront much financial loss during the age of 35 and 36yrs while they would received surprising and unearned income at their 40yrs of life path.

Family portrait

The natives of Ashlesha arena are believed to confront much financial loss during the age of 35 and 36yrs while they would received surprising and unearned income at their 40yrs of life path.

These individuals would be made to bear most of family responsibilities due to variant reasons. They would not share much blissful relation with their wives and their would be a lack of understanding in between which would make the conjugal path quiet difficult for the natives. Their wives won't share good and true relations with the relatives other than those living under the same shelter.


The male natives of Ashlesha nakshatra are perceived to confront health hurdles also upon land which further makes their path lacking peace of mind. These health obstacles would include flatulence, stomach problem, pain in legs and jaundice besides which theses people could also have addiction for drugs and drinks.
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