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Hasta Nakshatra

The Hasta Nakshatra is the glittering arena of deity Surya which begins from 10 degrees and end at 23.20 degrees in Kanya or Virgo zodiac besides the whole confinement being ruled by the celestial body Moon. They both reflect all of their shimmer and glitter upon this enclosure as comprising potency, sharpness, knowledge, creativity and luminosity which makes it appear high with brilliance and luster.

The arena of Hasta Nakshatra is expressed in the expression of closed hand which signifies towards being together and the power of togetherness. It also gives an impression about the potency and magic of hands and about keeping everyone bind or abide to hands.

Reflections of Hasta Nakshatra

The Hasta Nakshatra natives are perceived to be endowed with the supreme strength and potency to rule over the world besides which they possess a tough composure of a sharp mind inside with immense stability and firmness in thoughts which makes them dominate and lead over the surroundings. They are independent conquerors with the wealth of wisdom and affluence and so on they are respected too for their generous and kind attitude for helping others. Apart from this, they are spiritual beings and are also inclined towards music. They love being with their closed ones and are perceived to be happy having them but they could also turn as cruel and callous at times for being harsh minded too.

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Impacts/Results for Male natives born in Hasta Nakshatra

Appearance of people of Hasta Nakshatra

The male natives of Hasta Nakshatra are endowed with tough appearance with handsome personality in a tall and stout stature. The personas of Hasta Nakshatra reflect all of their inner strength upon their outer facade which makes them appear more dominating. They are born with medium complexion and with comparatively short hands besides they are believed to carry a scar mark upon the upper right hand or beneath the shoulder.

Attitude and life path of natives of Hasta Nakshatra

The male natives of Hasta Nakshatra are endowed with natural charm upon land besides which they carry a polite and calm appearance which makes them keep everyone close to them besides which they naturally possess a highly appealing persona on account of being vivacious and kind. These colors are not his outer facade only as he is generous enough from inside too as these personas are believed to be truly helping individuals besides not even expecting anything back. These personalities do receive respect for being what they are but if we evaluate all the aspects they only receive criticism and revolt against their kindness and humanity.

The natives of Hasta Nakshatra are loyal and sincere souls who walk through their steps of hard work and determination but even these attributes won't be enough to make their path stable as their lives would be of much fluctuations with very short intervals of time in between which would further impact their mental composure as well. In further articulation, neither they are permanent poor nor wealthy and so on its same with the happiness in life. Here if the native would put his hard endeavor to emerge out to a balanced level than it won't be impossible as well.

Those begotten from Hasta Nakshatra do not like to betray others as they believe upon the path of honesty but if anyone would do anything wrong to them or either would play treachery upon them than they won't spare them as they would turn extremely callous and harsh at such aspects while on the other hand, with the passage of time they would come back to their own and would leave all to God.

Professional front

On the other part, these individuals from Hasta arena are perceived to possess immense knowledge from all the directions as comprising even those where they never been and this emerge as their strength to win and grow high in their professional path. Besides this, they are endowed with good intellect and understanding to see the depth for which they are enable to come up with effective solutions and directions to avoid harms from perceived hurdles.

Those begotten from Anuradha Nakshatra are perceived to begin earning from very early age as at almost their 17 or 18yrs of age but his walk will comprise much of hurdles till the age of 48yrs which will make it a quiet difficult for but they won't stop and after 48yrs of their age, they will enter their most blissful and brilliant period after 48yrs of age. This period will bring all the peace in their life which they were seeking throughout. If the planetary position would comprise Moon with Mars then they would make the person get involved in the arenas of drugs, chemical or medical sector.

The people of Hasta Nakshatra are believed to work really hard to reach the high ladder besides which in the astrological articulation they would see some fluctuations in life till the age of 30yrs while the period of 30yrs to 42yrs will bring most of the goodness and stability. These individuals would receive lumps of affluence if he would live beyond 64yrs and would reach at the supreme mount.

Family portrait

The male natives of Hasta Nakshatra are bestowed with good family life with almost a smooth sailing in the conjugal path with some little hurdles but he would altogether lead a happy and satisfied marriage path. He would get a homely wife who would possess all the required attributes. In the end, these individuals would lead a peaceful and harmonious life.


These individuals won't confront much of health hurdles but would need to cross some as comprising severe cough and cold for a long periods of time and some of asthma problems.

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