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Revati Nakshatra

The divine enclosure of deity Pusan is known as Revati Nakshatra which begins with 16:40 degrees and ends at 30 degrees in Meena or Pisces zodiac and is ruled by planet Mercury throughout the confinements. The arena of Revati Nakshatra comprise the shades of protection, nourishment, bliss, brilliance, vivaciousness, prosperity, and growth. The arena of Revati Nakshatra is believed to be the birth star of Shani and so on it would impact the enclosure as well.

Reflections of Revati Nakshatra

The people of Revati Nakshatra are perceived to be independent souls carrying enough valors and courage and so on they are strong personalities. They are not much spiritual personas as they would be the people of practical approach who are believed to be intellectual but fickle minded individuals but they carry all the attributes to growth towards the heights of affluence and respect. These natives would be attached to their family and are believed to be learned personalities who would believe in helping others. They would travel to foreign lands.

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Impacts/Results for Male natives born in Revati Nakshatra

Appearance of people of Revati nakshatra

The natives of Revati Nakshatra are perceived to be strong personas who would possess good physique along with potent personality in a medium heighten stature and symmetrical formation of body. Besides this, they would carry fair complexion as further enhancing their appeal and dominance in the masses.

Attitude and life path of natives of Revati nakshatra

The Revati Nakshatra people are truly kind and affectionate at heart who believes in humanity and are soft at their words which further makes them quiet sensitive at heart and so on they are easily hurt. On the other hand, they are some what practical at their approach as they won't trust upon anybody before knowing him well not even to his closed ones neither he would blindly follow primitive and orthodox believes though they are truly spiritual personas.

The natives of Revati enclosure are the people of principals and morals who won't ever leave the path of their principals for anything besides which they deeply believe upon their inner voice which speaks the truth while on the other part, they believe upon analyzing well everything by their own before reaching any decision but once they become attached to anyone its would be very difficult to end that.

The natives of Revati Nakshatra would appear strong at their outer facade as they are stubborn personalities who would appear firm at many aspects throughout their life while in real they are very much fragile at the core as they fear of facing hurdles while on the other hand, they would get much affected at the confrontation of failures. In the end, they receive blessings from almighty.

Professional front

The people of Revati Nakshatra are believed to reach higher place upon land and that height of affluence and respect at which they would stand will be made of their own efforts and hard work while their sincerity will strengthen their path throughout. On the other part, these natives are endowed with intelligence and attributes which makes them accomplish all the pursuits well and stand high in their professional arena.

Those born of Revati Nakshatra are believed to be in the enclosures of Science, history, medical and research for being sharp minded individuals besides this, it could also comprise the subjects like astrology and astronomy. These people could also appear as poets and writers for being fantastical and creative in approach and could also be a Government employee.

The natives of Revati arena are born independent souls due to which they won't stay in a single work arena for much longer time neither they would work with any confinements around besides this they are believed to stay away from their family land due to professional responsibilities. The only predicament is that they won't receive equivalent acknowledgment and rewards as to their endeavor and hard work. In the end, the period of 23yrs to 26yrs in their life will bring much positive brilliance while the period of 26yrs to 42yrs would comprise some hurdles and difficulties and the age after 50yrs would come upon a stable track with much peace and satisfaction in life.

Family portrait

The natives of Revati Nakshatra would not receive support and help from his family arena neither from his father nor from his relatives as their closed ones won't be there with Revati natives when they should have been. On the other hand, he would have a quiet satisfying and blissful conjugal path as his wife would comprise good attributes and will be truly flexible in attitude as in further articulation, the conjugal path would bring betterment in his life and so on more happiness.


The natives of Revati arena would also confront some health hurdles in their life path as comprising fever, dental problems, ear problems and intestinal ulcers. The main reason behind these will be being careless about health.

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