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Ardra Nakshatra

The arena of Ardra Nakshatra goes from 6.40 to 20.00 degrees in Mithuna or Gemini zodiac which is the enclosure of Lord Rudra, the potent appearance of Lord Shiva besides which it is ruled by shadow planet Rahu. The Lord Rudra is the divine expression of this whole as comprising everything around, he is the supreme blend of both good and evil, soft and harsh, love and aggression and the creator and destroyer, which makes him the divine expression of this whole creation. Rudra is the appearance of supreme power and dominance and the perpetual vanquisher. He is the supreme knowledge and supreme chaste. Besides this, presence of Rahu brings many of negative and harsh shades comprising miseries, hurdles, poverty, gloom and fluctuations. Altogether, this Nakshatra will comprise all the shades in its portrait.

Reflections of Ardra Nakshatra

The natives of Ardra Nakshatra receive both positive and negative reflections as one from Lord Rudra and the latter from Rahu for which their life path and attitude will be a blend of both. The natives of this arena will be soft and compassionate at heart while will carry a tough composure outside and would be aggressive personals besides which they would confront a tough life path of much hurdles, sacrifices and harshness which is perceived to take them towards a satisfactory place in the end. These individuals could be callous at times and could also carry hatred for some besides which they possess pride and are learned personals.

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Impacts/Results for Male natives born in Ardra Nakshatra

Appearance of people of Ardra Nakshatra

The natives of Ardra Nakshatra are perceived to be bestowed with some different sort of stature which makes them appear quiet predictable and more visible upon land. They would carry somehow quiet exceptional shape of their body while they could be slim or fatty and sort and long but they will appear somewhat different in the crowd. This will make them truly noticeable wherever they go.

Attitude and life path of natives of Ardra Nakshatra

The male natives of Ardra Nakshatra are perceived to be strong personalities of much dominance who are stable personas at mind and carries a tough appearance. Besides this, they are vivacious people but not to the extent of being careless for which they could be seen bringing interest and entertainment in the required time and at the right place while they would stay sincere and responsible at most of the times as depending upon the planetary placements as well.

These individuals of Ardra Nakshatra are learned souls who are bestowed with good understandings for which they could seen as good advisers and psychologist upon land. Besides this, these people are endowed with the strength of intuitions which could help them walk well upon their path of hurdles if they would use their intellect well.

The Ardra natives are deeply attached to their close ones as they possess much affection inside their tough appearance for which they always hold their loved ones close to them and always be with them in their need while become deeply thankful if they do the same. The mixture of soft and tough in their persona makes them fluctuate in their attitude as they could turn highly harsh at times and deeply soft and loving at other times.

The natives of Ardra Nakshatra are believed to confront many hurdles upon land and could go through much bad times depending upon the planetary placements but these natives would stay strong and will keep walking till the time they won't reach their satisfactory place.

Professional front

The natives of Ardra Nakshatra are endowed with the potential to work well and beneficial in all sorts of arena besides which they are the possessors of all knowledge as they keep on acquiring from all possible means and because of all this, they never stay in one arena and could be seen being involved in many works at a same time and could also attain precision and excellence in all of them. When at work, they are truly sincere and determined people who never leaves the path of hard work but the predicament is that even then they do not get required and deserving appreciation and acknowledgement.

These natives are quiet sensitive at the core for which failures and lack of appreciation would bring them somewhat mental disturbance but being strong at mind they won't let it rule over them and will appear as cool and dynamic as before in front of everyone else. Besides this, they also respect others opinion equally even if its completely opposite. These individuals believe in doing good to others for which they involve this also in their profession and could be seen as strongly involved in social services with no expectation of any benefit from the same.

The Ardra people are perceived to stay quiet away from the family on account of their profession. These people would shine high in the period of 32yrs to 42yrs which will take them to the heights. These natives could emerge really high if they would pursue the path of research besides this they could be seen in the arenas of transport, communication, bookselling, financial broker and shipping.

Family portrait

The male natives of Ardra Nakshatra are perceived to confront some hurdles in their conjugal path as well for which they would lack the peace and happiness at home and would need to put much efforts and understanding to keep it balanced. The problems in marital life will keep coming throughout life but the natives will keep calm and won't let their inner pain reflect outside and upon other aspects.

These people are believed to get married much late in their life and if they would get married earlier than they would be made to live away from spouses due to variant reasons which could even be the differences in between as well.


The natives of Ardra Nakshatra are perceived to confront some obstacles of health as well upon land which could even be some tough ones too as being incurable diseases. These could come in the appearance of heart problems, asthma, cough, ear trouble, dental problems and paralysis. These could become somewhat difficult to cross over.

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