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Satabhisha Nakshatra or Nakshatram

Satabhisha Nakshatra

The Satabhisha Nakshatra is the divine enclosure of lord Varuna as beginning with 6:40 degrees and ending at 20 degrees in Kumbha or Aquarius zodiac which is ruled by planet Rahu throughout the confinements and expressed in a symbol of cycle. The arena of Satabhisha Nakshatra comprises the aquatic life as including river, lakes, ponds and oceans besides which it expresses veil, being in lurk, concealment, cover, armor, failures, difficulties, miseries, peevishness, boats, cynicism and strict approach for management and proper hygiene.

Reflections of Satabhisha Nakshatra

The people of Satabhisha Nakshatra are strong and brave personas who possess immense stability and potency of mind along with some of stubbornness and callousness as well besides which they are endowed with immense knowledge but are somewhat self centered too. These natives are perceived to be endowed with many children and long-lived besides which they could be seen as being experts in magic as well. Altogether, they are quiet mysterious personalities but are respected by many around and are bestowed with good affluence as well.

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Impacts/Results for Male natives born in Satabhisha Nakshatra

Appearance of people of Satabhisha nakshatra

The male natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra are born with strong dominating personality as they carries a aristocratic appearance which further makes them highly appealing and impacting. These people would possess soft body comprising wide forehead, prominent nose, bulged abdomen, bright countenance and attractive formation of eyes besides which they are endowed with excellent memory to appear more stronger.

Attitude and life path of natives of Satabhisha nakshatra

The people of Satabhisha Nakshatra are believed to be the balanced composition of both negative and positive shades which makes them stand well and strong upon land. These people are truly stubborn and firm upon every aspect and this also includes their stand upon their principals and believes which they won’t leave for the sake of anything or anybody. Besides this, they will behave the same way for any aspect which they find as true and right.

The people of Satabhisha Nakshatra believes upon selfless giving but they are somewhat self centered too as they are soft hearted and won’t do any harm to anyone around but they could turn really furious and harsh if people would do anything which they believe as wrong while turning them back to their calm composure won’t take a long. They are intellectual and intelligent beings and are true believers of scared path and pious words.

The natives of Satabhisha arena carries the approach of simplicity and are prefer to stay simple upon land as they are shy enough to express their attributes but the brilliance of their shades won’t stay in dark and people would see them soon. These people would receive enough respect and admiration from those around.

Professional front

The natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra are intellectual and intelligent personalities who are perceived to be endowed with good place of respect and affluence upon land besides which they are truly loyal and sincere beings which further paves their path towards their growth.

The Satabhisha people would confront a difficult path till the age of 34yrs age while they would confront continuous growth afterwards and won’t find much of hurdles then. They are endowed with good path of education and will receive much of brilliance in their professional path at a very early age. These people would suit well at the arenas of astrology, psychology and healing arts besides which these people could also emerge high in the enclosures of research and medical.

Family portrait

The people of Satabhisha Nakshatra are perceived to confront some hurdles at their family front as it won’t be much pleasing and brilliant as their professional front. These people would receive difficulties from the side of loved ones and those close to family arena though he would stay helping and caring even then. These would lead natives towards mental disturbance and lack of peace of mind. He won’t receive much support from his father’s side as well while the mother would only be the soothing part of his life where he would receive all love and affection.

The people of Satabhisha Nakshatra would confront some hurdles at their conjugal path as well as it won’t be much blissful for them while if their would be a combination of afflicted Saturn and Jupiter then it could lead the natives towards staying bachelor throughout life or much hurdles in their married life despite the spouse possessing all the required attributes.


The people of Satabhisha Nakshatra are perceived to confront many health problems in their life path as it won’t be a smooth walk for them and it would comprise urinary problems, breathing problems, diabetics, colic problems, troubles in jaws and sexually transmitted diseases. These natives would possess a very sensitive and weak immune system.