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Swati Nakshatra

The arena of Swati Nakshatra begins with 6.40 degrees and end at 20 degrees in Tula or Libra zodiac. This arena of lord Vayu, the deity of air is ruled and impacted by the shadow planet Rahu besides the Lord. They both leave their effects upon this enclosure which would comprise the attributes of wind as restlessness, immense freedom, uneasiness and noise. It is the expression of self - restrained and being in oneself with much of potency inside and strength of mind with the possession of immense knowledge. It is the most obstinate creature upon land.

Reflections of Swati Nakshatra

The natives of Swati Nakshatra are perceived to be stubborn creatures with firm composure of mind and strength inside. They carry a potent personality and appear to be wiser individuals. They are independent souls who could not stay longer in any sort of confinements. They carry strong wisdom and knowledge besides which they are witty too. They are endowed with wealth and fame besides which they are givers too besides which they do receive love as well from the surroundings. These people carry a true inclination towards the divinity and pious arenas.

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Impacts/Results for Male natives born in Swati Nakshatra

Appearance of people of Swati nakshatra

The male natives of Swati Nakshatra are perceived to be endowed with unique formation of their face and features besides which they are born with curved under part of feet and risen ankles. The males of this arena carry a very fleshy body. Altogether, they carry a very appealing and strong personality and so on appear dominating and effective wherever they go.

Attitude and life path of natives of Swati nakshatra

The native of Swati Nakshatra are perceived to be highly independent souls who would not ever stay in any confinements as they are the people of free thoughts with all pure feelings of peace and love around. These individual would stay really kind till the time their freedom is not harmed as they could emerge really high on anger otherwise. They carry two personas as either they could be your best friend or their worst enemy.

They are the people of honesty and strict morals as they won't ever see towards other's wealth and possession neither they would ever like to share their with anyone else. They are the unbiased personas as they won't predict anyone with their position and wealth. He hates criticism upon whatever he does either for self or anyone around as he gets really affected by the same.

They are true beings as they would appear what they are from inside and won't ever carry two faces at a same time. They will do good to any extremes if you deserve that while could also take revenge to any extent if you are not good to them. Altogether, they are straight forward beings.

Professional front

The male natives of Swati Nakshatra are believed to work really hard in their work arena where they put all of their required efforts besides which they stay sincere and truly determined throughout their path. The predicament here is that they would confront a quiet difficult path of profession till the age of 25yrs besides being deserving good growth.

These individual would begin to grow further till the age after 25yrs while the period of 30 to 60yrs of age will bring all the fruits of their immense efforts of earlier times. They would grow really high in their period. These people might work in the arenas of gold, drugs, acting, textile, astrology, mechanical engineering, traveling and defense. Their surroundings and life path leads them towards their future place in their profession as they could either be involved in illegal arenas or in those which includes most legal and judiciary arena that is defense.

Family portrait

The natives of Swati Nakshatra would confront a very difficult path of life specially in their childhood as they would be needed to bear much responsibilities upon land and would face much of criticism too for whatever they would do instead of being acknowledged for the same.

The conjugal path of their life would appear as pleasant to the outer world while at home they would have much differences and lack of peace and so on it won't be a very much blissful track for the couple but would stay quiet stable and satisfying.


The male natives of Swati Nakshatra are perceived to confront a good and well paved path of life which would comprise some little problems for shorter period of time as including abdomen problems, arthritis, piles and some heart problems. Altogether, his health would never appear as serious hurdle in his life path.

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