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Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra is the celestial personification of Ashwini Kumaras who were the twins begotten from Lord Surya and his wife Sanga and so on are divine births playing the role of physicians of Gods in the sky and rule over human lives in the enclosure of degrees from the very beginning that is 00.00 to 13.20 degrees in Aries or Mesha zodiac. The symbol of expression of Ashwini Nakshatra is the head of horse besides which it is ruled by one of the shadow planet that is Ketu.

Reflections of Ashwini Nakshatra

Those born in this Nakshatra are perceived to be strong personalities of morals, determination and loyalty besides which they could be seen as being at the high mount of prosperity and comfort while on the other part they are also bestowed with good relations around which altogether makes them walk over a good path of life. On the other side, these people could also be in immoral and illegal path for being tough, harsh and strong personas.

Ashwini Nakshatra is believed to bring twins with special significance of the placement of Mars in ascendant which further enhance the possibilities of the same.

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Impacts/Results for Male natives born in Ashwini Nakshatra

Appearance of people of Ashwini Nakshatra

The male natives born in the arena of Ashwinin Nakshatras are believed to be bestowed with good personalities with big, bright and beautiful eyes besides which they would be the people of broad forehead and normal sized nose.

Attitude and life path of natives of Ashwini Nakshatra

The natives of Ashwini Nakshatra are strong personas at the core who appear to be calm and composed in their attitude while they are truly stubborn people with special indication to those born in the period of April 14th to 28th where Sun is perceived to be at the exaltation place in the Nakshatra and in the period of 14th October to 28th October as they are perceived to be most obstinate personas but their stubbornness would act in variant ways at variant circumstances as it could be a firm denial or firm following of the same aspect at different places but firmness will always be there.

On the other hand, their stubbornness should not be mistaken for looking at them as wicked people because they are loyal soul from inside and will remain the same for their relations around till the very end and would never stay back at the times of need even if they themselves would be needed to sacrifice for the smiles of their loved ones.

When it comes to the aspect of persistence and patience, people would find them with most calmed composure even at the place of much perplexity and predicament as they get annoyed at very fewer times but those times would become the worse of worse as it won’t be quiet possible to bring them back to peace. These individuals are intellectual beings but some lack at the side of understandings could lead them towards lacking the peace of mind as it is the most strongest reason for their desperation.

The individuals of this arena are the people of thoughts who would ponder much before taking any step at which they emerge as being right for most of the times but could take much time. Besides this, they would not possess much strength to express much of their thoughts due to the fear of criticism which they cannot bear because of which they could be seen as excepting others opinion many a times. They are the people who would not join the walk easily but once they do they won’t leave the path and will only rest at the end of it. Same could be seen when it come to spirituality as they do believe upon divine presence but will only believes upon certain words irrespective of their being primitive or new but will follow them hard.

Professional front

The natives of Ashwinin Nakshatra are strong personas who are blessed with good walk in many directions for which they could be seen as being jack of all trades and so on these individuals would be at strong places upon land but to reach that high mount they could confront many hurdles in their path but they won’t stop in the path. As per the astrological predictions, the natives of this Nakshatra would reach upon the smooth road after 30yrs of age from where he or she would see the straight and well paved path till the mount for them.

On the other part, these natives could see some financial fluctuations in life despite having strong hold upon affluence which will carry the reason of their being highly inclined towards pleasure and comfort of materialistic world and the attitude of flamboyance as they are the people of Vanity.

Family portrait

The male natives of Ashwini Nakshatra are believed to be attached with his family relations and possess much love for them but these people could be disliked by their own people for their high stubbornness and lack of flexibility in their attitude. In the words of Astrology, the natives of this arena might not get the requisite support and care from the father while that void would get fulfilled from the relations of maternal side or from the people of outer world. When it comes to marriage, these people are believed to get married at the age of 26 to 30yrs besides which they are provided with much possibilities of having sons rather than daughters as per the astrological studies.
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