Libra decan by - Tula decans and divisons

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First decan of Libra or Tula

The first decan of the Libra period( 21st September to 20th October) that is the first ten days are of the balanced personas of land as they are highly governed by their own planet Venus while the days are known as the “week of the perfection.

These natives of first decan are perceived to be the most humane creatures upon land besides which they possess a balanced view over everything around in approaching through a justified vision. They promote harmony wherever they go on account of their strong understanding of human nature and deeply desire for true relations. Besides this, they are inclined towards art and creativity and so on are well expressers too.

Second decan of Libra or Tula

The second segment or decan of Libra confinements that is the middle ten days comprises the individuals with quiet unbalanced mind and most social of all Libra natives. These days are ruled by planet Saturn apart from Venus which makes the natives quiet similar to Aquarius people besides this part being known as the “week of Society”.

These natives of second decan are bestowed with natural understanding of others in making them leaders which could take them towards being self centered at times but they could not ever detached from their humanitarian shades. Besides this, they possess a strong desire for strong bonding all around and liberty. They are strongly against hypocrisies and prefer logics over sentiments to some extent besides staying open to the world all around to be with them.

Third decans of Libra or Tula

The third segment of Libra enclosure that is the last ten days comprises those inclined towards amusements out of comfort and society. These days are influenced by planet Mercury and Jupiter which brings out similarities to Gemini in the Libra natives and are known as the “week of theater”.

The natives of of third decan or division would like to hold many people around as their enclosure might possess everyone out there while their possession of generosity and kindness strengthens their numerous relations around. They are independent individuals who love to converse specially on intellectual topics as education and educational knowledge is quiet significant to them.

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