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Libra relationship | Tula relationships | Libra in friendship | Libra as a father, mother, children, teacher and friend

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As a Father

A Libra native in this relationship would be a great father as he is generous hearted who would keep a balance of everything in his relation with children whom he would be very much attached but won’t express the same directly. He would stay concern about taking his children on the right path and will bring his own way of doing the same but he won’t snatch their freedom.

As a Mother

A Libra woman in this relationship would stay very much concern about making her children grow well and that in a right direction and for the same she would go through both tough and softer appearances though she believes in politeness and would give a lot of love to them. she will appear as a good mother who would do every thing a mother should do

As a Son/Daughter

A Libra native in this relationship would grow up as a admirable child who would believe upon family morals and would stay upon the right path though he/she won’t agree to each word of his/her parent but won’t even hurt their sentiments. These natives would make everyone love him/her at home for winning everyone’s heart.

As a Teacher/Senior

A Libra native would be a wiser teacher or senior who would receive respect and love for his or her righteous and noble vision. These people won’t use tough tactics to make others learn as they will simply make them see the significance of learning and working hard and in the end would appear as an inspiration for others.

As a friend / in Friendship

A Libra native in friendship is a noble and loyal friend who would help his friends with all possible extents and will give them only the right advise even if it would go against his/her friends wish. They believe upon humanity but won’t lead any relation with the deceit or untruthful person.

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