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Taurus Taurus Compatibility

Taurus Taurus ( Vrishabha - Vrishabha ) Compatibility

Taurus is quite a stable sign. Taurus people are clam and placid. They don’t want to disturb others and at the same time they not at all like to be disturbed by others. They have firm opinions and quite stubborn as well. They take time to come to a decision and once the decision is taken ,they don’t have much flexibility to change it easily.

The relation between two Taurus people will have very fair chances of being highly compatible as they both are having common basic traits which is why they will understand each other well. They both will appreciate the other when he will take much time to take a decision and will not criticize for the slow approach as any fire-sign will certainly do. Both will be comfort –loving and home-loving. Both will love nature and will like the peaceful places for outing rather than choosing the most happening places in the town. Both will not dislike routines and could be a perfect match for each other.

The Taurus people are quiet and of reserved nature. they will be quiet compatible with each other in this aspect. The more energetic signs will sometimes find the Taurus boring. But the other Taurus will completely understand this and will be happy with the quiet nature of his partner

But there are problems in this relation because like other qualities, they also share the same tall stubbornness. If they make opinion about something, they will be stick to that. This could be a cause of disputes between them. If the clash will start, nobody of them will bend. They both have to learn to be more flexible and give respect to each other’s thought. For better relationship, they should try to give respect to each other’s opinions.

They both share same kind of spending habits and both will not like extravagance. They both will have possessiveness and this will make their relation stronger. They both will be loyal to each other.

If the one is in problem, the other will support him. In the matter of supporting his partner , the bull is like a hard rock and will never turn back from any situation. The Taurus woman will always admire this ability of Taurus man.The romance in relation will be high and it will be stable. It will not be like a lightening and full of passion. But it will be cool and placid and more stable.

Overall, the relationship will be strong and full of love. If the rigidity and stubbornness will be controlled by them , it could turn out to be one of the most compatible relationship.

Compatibility score : 6.5 / 10

Conclusion : Compatibility is there, work is to be done

Taurus Facts

Taurus symbol - The Bull

Taurus ruling Planet - Venus

Taurus quality - Fixed

Taurus element - Earth

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