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Taurus Pisces Compatibility

Taurus Pisces ( Vrishabha - Meen ) Compatibility

Both have many common traits. Both of them prefer to have good level of warmth in relationship. Both does not want to have fun and excitement at all times. Both have high level of understanding attitude and generally amiable nature. The compassion of the Pisces will immediately attract the Taurus on the other side the reliable and stable Taurus will have much of the Piscean likings.

The laid Ėback attitude of the Piscean will not challenge the stubbornness and head-strong nature of the Taurus. The Pisces will not want to take lead in the relation and will be happy in being led by Taurus. This will remove many chances of clashes between them.

The  down-to-earth  attitude of a Taurus will be a plus point for a Piscean. The less stable Pisces will draw the stability from the stable Taurus. As the general nature of the Taurus is Calm and placid , there is less danger of the sensitive Pisces being hurt which is possible with the relation of the Pisces with the fire-signs of the zodiac.     The Pisces is an emotional person and give great value to them. The bull will give great importance to this and in this will be an important factor for the good compatibility between them. The Pisces will require the consistent attention and this will be easily fulfilled by the bull.

There are some difference as well. Pisces love to dream and make a virtual world around him. This can sometimes makes Taurus confused. The thoughts of Taurus are fixed which are not the exact case with the fish. Pisces does not have the clear likes and dislikes which is just opposite in case of Taurus. Both need adjustments in these areas.The overall compatibility is good in this case and small adjustment from the both sides can make this a wonderful relationship.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

The first desire of a Pisces female will be a sense of security. She will easily get this from the Taurus male. The other important thing is loyalty which is in abundance in Taurus male. Both are having the romantic nature and this relation between them will have abundance of it. The desire of the Pisces female to be loved in a relationship will be always fulfilled by the Taurus male.

The Taurus male will also require high level of loyalty and flirtatious nature of female makes him jealous which can invite many disputes. The Piscean female will be loyal in relation which will give strength to the relation. Taurus male will love the tenderness and lovable Piscean female and take good care of her. He will let her live in a dreamy world of her to some extent. The problematic part of the relationship will come when during any conflict on any issue. the  furious Taurus will hurt the very sensitive fish. If this happens repeatedly, this can distract the Piscean from the relationship and she will run away from the Taurean. The overall compatibility is good and can result in a long term relation.

Taurus Woman and Pisces Man   

The loyal and devoted Taurus  woman will be adored by the Pisces man. He will like the passion in love and romance accompanied by the security and loyalty in relation. Taurus woman will bring the abundance of this in his life. He will fill her life with his charm and dreams.

He can bring the value of dreaming in her life and teach her to leave the hard-core practicality of her to some extent. While she can teach him to make efforts to convert some of his dreams in to reality. The relationship will be strong and long-lasting as both will fulfill each otherís need. The difference in thoughts will come when his notĖso- definite and clear likes and dislikes will cause confusions and make Taurus woman distracted.  The overall compatibility is good and relation can be a long-lasting one.

Compatibility score: 8 /10

Conclusion: Many common traits,  little work needs to be done


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