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Taurus Gemini Compatibility

Taurus Gemini ( Vrishabha - Mithun ) Compatibility

There will be some completely opposite qualities in this couple. Taurus will prefer to talk less and slowly. While Gemini will love to talk. He will think and speak in a quick manner. Taurus will take time to take a decision and once taken the decision will not be changed easily. On the other hand , Gemini will take quick decision may change it with ease. Taurus is stable and Gemini is restless. Gemini can not sit or stand at a place for a long period of time just like their thoughts which are not fixed and could be changed in short period of time.

Gemini lack consistency but are very quick. Taurus are not quick but they are stable and consistent.

There are some positives also which can make this relation working. Gemini may like the resolve and power radiated from the Taurus. Taurus could be amused and impressed by the quick wit and intelligence of Gemini. Relation may work but both need to do the adjustments. Taurus need to become little fast and Gemini needs to become little slow.

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman

Taurus man will like the energy of creativity of a Gemini woman in the initial days. But after establishment of relation, he wants her to b somewhat stable and keep control of her ever changing thoughts. Gemini woman also finds attraction in Taurus. But in a long run , she will find that Taurus man will not be able to understand her dual nature and lack energy (at least to the Gemini level). While she love to talk, he is quite calm and doesnít speak much.

She will need her space and independence but Taurus man will be possessive and will not like her large social circle. Adjustments are required from both sides. If they are able to do some adjustments, then they will be able to complement each other. While he will give her much needed stability, she will provide her liveliness in his life. 

Taurus Woman and Gemini Man

Compatibility will be difficult in this case. The Gemini man will find the Taurus woman with less energy and zeal. The Gemini man will not like her desire to follow routines. She will not like his flirting nature as she has jealousy as part of her nature. She is quite possessive and he will feel suffocated in this scenario.

His ever-changing thoughts will confuse her about him and she will not be able to completely understand him. There will be clear difference in thought and habit

There should be great effort from both side to make this relations going in good way.

Compatibility score: 4/10

Conclusion: Compatibility is there, work is to be done

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