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Taurus Sagittarius Compatibility

Taurus Sagittarius ( Vrishabha - Dhanu ) Compatibility

Taurus will be too much stubborn for the Sagittarius to bear. The fixed thoughts of the Taurus will be just against the flexible thoughts of Sagittarius. Sagittarius will love to meet new people and welcome new thoughts. He will like to go outside in to new and exciting places. While on the other side, Taurus will be more comfortable with routines and will not look for ever-changing and exciting situations. Taurus will not opt for too much risks and will not like much adventures. On the other side, the Sagittarius will love adventures.

The Sagittarius will find the Taurus predictable and boring. Taurus will not be comfortable with the outgoing habits of Sagittarius. Carelessness of Sagittarius will not be of Taurus likings. Sagittarius will be having independent nature and may find the Taurus too much possessive.The spending habits will be different. While Taurus will be more practical in spending and will spend on necessary things more. The Sagittarius will be interested in more expensive things.

Both have good qualities and both can learn the good habits from each other. If this is done by them , the relationship can work in a very good manner. Taurus will bring some practicality an calmness the otherwise adventurous Sagittarius. Sagittarius can bring some excitement to the otherwise calm and poised Taurus.

For a better relationship, both have to work. Taurus will need to adjust more. He need to adjust with the outgoing and independent nature of the Sagittarius. He needs to become mess possessive and give more independence to Sagittarius. Apart from it , he needs to be little bit outgoing just to be in sync with Sagittarius. Sagittarius also need to learn something from the practical Taurus and have the Taurus involved in important decision making as to make a good use of Taurus wisdom.

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman

The Taurus male will not like the wide friend circle of Sagittarius and her close friendship with the male friends as well. Apart from this, he will want her to accept his decisions which will be really difficult for the Sagittarius female to bear. Sagittarius female will want her independence at any cost .This will result in disputes. Since both are not easy to submit, the disputes can escalate and result in much tensions and strains in relations.

Taurus is head-strong and Sagittarius is also very strong. So it will be really hard to stop the clashes once it is started. Both need to do much work on this relationship to work.Overall the match is difficult.

Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman

Sagittarius man will be a person who has the excitement and enthusiasm all the time. He will like to go outside and will not remain at home. He will be bored at home. On the other side , the Taurus woman will like to be at the comfort of home and will like him as well in her love-nest. She will want more closeness in relations. The demand of this closeness will suffocate Sagittarius male.

As well as, the flirtatious nature of Sagittarius male will not of likings of Taurus woman. The long term stability of the relationship will be doubtful. Both need to relly work hard to make this a happy and long lasting relationship

Compatibility score: 4.5 /10

Conclusion: Lesser compatibility, much work needs to be done

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