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Taurus Virgo Compatibility

Taurus Virgo ( Vrishabha - Kanya ) Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo both are peace-loving people. There could be great amount of compatibility in them. Both love harmony and consistency in life. Virgo is not much extravagant so as Taurus. There spending habits will be quite alike. Both doesn’t be involved in much risky plans and will not like much adventures.

Taurus is quite stable in ideas and it will be much liked by Virgo. Taurus will be impressed by the intelligence the Virgo has.

Some problems Virgo could be having with the slow decision taking of Taurus but will not be much irritated by this. Some problems will be there due the jealous nature of the Bull. Virgo will not much like the possessiveness of Taurus also but can live with it if it is not excessive.

Virgo and Taurus both will make their lovely home and high level of harmony could be present. They will love their home and will not do many outings. Taurus is not a careless personality and will like to keep home clean. But Virgo’s habit of excessive cleanliness may not go well with Taurus.

Taurus will adore the refined thoughts of Virgo on every aspect and will love to listen his conversation. Virgo will like the strong personality of Taurus.

Small adjustments need to be done in case of Taurus excessive possessiveness and Virgo’s excessive emphasis on cleanliness. If these adjustments are done by the both sides, this could be one of the best relationships.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman

Very good compatibility is possible. Virgo female will like the security provided by the Taurus. She will like the strong personality of him. The control and balance of the Bull will be appreciated by the Virgo. He will like the refinement and intelligence in her.

Both the individual likes loyalty in the relation. In this relation of Taurus and Virgo, the loyalty coefficient will be high. This will give the strength to the relationship. Small differences could be there but will be solved easily.

Virgo needs to control her nature of doing criticism and Taurus need to control his possessiveness.

Taurus Woman and Virgo Man

Good compatibility is possible as the Taurus woman will be one of the best individuals who can make an organized home as well as life. This is the foremost requirement of a Virgo man.

He will adore her passion for love and romance and it will be inducted in him also with time to some extent. These individual will complement each other in many aspects and there will be lesser disputes between them.

Taurus woman will be calm and placid and this will be liked by Virgo and he will be able to fill some excitement in her life. He will have the stability in relationship and will be much happy with this.

The relationship will require lesser adjustment from both sides and it will be a good relationship

Compatibility score : 7.5 / 10

Conclusion : Good compatibility

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