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Facts for Taurus ( Vrishabha )
Taurus symbol - The Bull

Taurus ruling Planet - Venus

Taurus quality- Fixed

Taurus element- Earth

Taurus basic Trait- I Have

Taurus vibration - Determined energy

Taurus harmonious signs - Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer

Taurus Secret Desire - To have a secure, happy and wealthy life/marriage

Taurus Zodiac Sign Facts

Taurus symbol - The Bull

Taurus ruling Planet - Venus

Taurus quality - Fixed

Taurus element - Earth

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Lucky About Taurus or Vrishabha
Here is a description of lucky things of Taurus. It lists the Luck metal for Taurus, Lucky days for Taurus, Lucky flower for Taurus, Lucky stone for Taurus, Lucky number for Taurus and Lucky color in a general sense for Taurus

Lucky Metal - Copper

Lucky day - Friday

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Taurus Astrology Compatibility
Taurus is quite a stable sign. Taurus people are calm and placid. They don't facts    
Both have different approaches in case of doing anything. Aries will jump    
There will be some completely opposite qualities in this couple. Taurus will prefer to    
Cancer's love for his family is much appreciated by Taurus which is quite unlikely    
Both have some common point such as the determination. Leo will not easily    
Taurus and Virgo both are peace-loving people. There could be great amount of    
Libra is a person who hates quarrels and conflicts. He is extremely    
There could be a very good compatibility possible in this match. Scorpio is    
There is a very good compatibility between these two. The energy levels    
Both are determined people and have clarity about>    
These two zodiacs are one of most creative and dynamic signs. Both are    
Direct talks and aggressive nature can hurt the sensitive Piscean    

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