Saturn in Aquarius by - Effects of the placements of Saturn planet in Aquarius Zodiac, Shani in Kumbha

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Saturn in Aquarius zodiac | Shani in Kumbha rasi

The placement of Saturn in Aquarius zodiac would keep the planet with all of its dominance at a potent presence on account of Saturn being in its own zodiac as it rules the arena of Aquarius. The natives of this enclosure would get most of the attributes of Aquarius.

The Aquarius natives with complete authority of planet Saturn are perceived to be intellectual and intelligent beings who are believed to be practical in their approach and are pursuer of moral path on account of having the philosophical and thoughtful blend. They are witty personas with the diplomatic tongue.

These natives having Saturn in Aquarius could be more free living and detached besides being more vivacious and vigorous in their approach. On the other hand, they could be some of self centered and proud but would keep the humanity alive in them. Altogether they are strong personalities and are somewhat balanced.

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