Ketu in Libra by - Effects of the placements of Ketu planet in Libra Zodiac, Dragon's tail in Tula

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Ketu in Libra zodiac | Dragon's tail in Tula rashi

The placement of Ketu in Libra zodiac would bring the shadow planet in a pleasing appearance along with bit of positive impacts upon the natives of this arena on account of Ketu being sharing a friendly relationship with the ruling planet Venus of Libra enclosure.

The natives of this combination of Ketu in Libra would be intellectual personas and would get a climb upon their creativity from Ketu in the attitude while on the other hand they would have a fluctuating and unstable composition of mind. These individuals would stay generous and humanitarian at the core but would be unable to pursue the same at times due to inability to decide.

The of Ketu in Libra persona are the people who would be highly dependent upon their relations around which could be till the extent of lacking the individuality in their personality due to possessing high sensitivity with the influence of Ketu. Besides this, they would lack at the side of expressing the right way.

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