Ketu in Scorpio by - Effects of the placements of Ketu planet in Scorpio Zodiac, Dragon's tail in Vrischika

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Ketu in Scorpio zodiac | Dragon's tail in Vrischika rashi

The placement of Ketu in Scorpio zodiac would bring the shadow planet in a pleasing appearance on account of Ketu being sharing a friendly relationship with the ruling planet Mars of Scorpio enclosure besides which Ketu gets exalted in the Scorpio platter with its maximum exaltation at 20 degrees which bring Ketu with much of dominance and potency

The presence of Ketu in Scorpio enclosure would reduce the inner sensitivity of natives besides which it would make them more aggressive and strong personas. These individual would be more stronger at mind and would carry a harsh personality. Besides this, these people would be quiet inclined towards materialistic life and could be seen at good heights but with fluctuations in life path.

The natives of this combination of Ketu in Scorpio would be more sharp minded and skilled in hiding their true self inside. They would not forgive easily and could turn malicious and callous at times besides which they could also get involved in witch craft. These individuals would always carry a dissatisfaction from life.

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