Saturn in Capricorn by - Effects of the placements of Saturn planet in Capricorn Zodiac, Shani in Makara

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Saturn in Capricorn zodiac | Shani in Makara rasi

The placement of Saturn in Capricorn zodiac would not bring much of the changes in the portrait but would bring the planet with its complete dominance on account of its being in his own arena that is Capricorn. The natives of this enclosure would get more stronger impact of their ruling planet.

The natives of this arena having Saturn in Capricorn would be stronger at mind along with the strong intellect and intelligence for which they could be seen as learned personals upon land. besides this, they are potent personalities who lead a satisfactory life with the blend of harmony and peace.

The impact of Saturn in Capricorn would turn them quiet self centered with suspicious eye and would make them quiet more detached from those around and harsh in their approach. These people could be covetous and more revengeful besides which they carry a peevish attitude which altogether could end in melancholy.

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