Ketu in Aquarius by - Effects of the placements of Ketu planet in Aquarius Zodiac, Dragon's tail in Kumbha

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Ketu in Aquarius zodiac | Dragon's tail in Kumbha rashi

The placement of Ketu in Aquarius zodiac would bring the shadow planet in a quiet unpleasant appearance due to Ketu being sharing the natural enmity with the ruling planet Saturn of Aquarius arena. This would bring some of negative reflection upon the natives.

The natives of this combination of Ketu in Aquarius would be more detached in their attitude and would carry a free living approach but they would lack at the stability of mind due to which they would be unclear and undecided about their further steps and place to go towards. These people could be seen as being in solitude at one time while as surrounded by many around in the second time.

These people of Ketu in Aquarius could be seen as believers of moral path who could not predict the moral one among all around due to inability to understand the depth. They would carry a unsatisfied attitude in the path of life and would possess a fantastical vision and approach throughout.

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