Ketu in Pisces by - Effects of the placements of Ketu planet in Pisces Zodiac, Dragon's tail in Meena

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Ketu in Pisces zodiac | Dragon's tail in Meena rashi

The placement of Ketu in Pisces zodiac would keep the shadow planet in a normal facade on account of Ketu being sharing a neutral relationship with the ruling planet Jupiter of Pisces enclosure. This would bring some of the alteration in the Pisces portrait towards creating a balanced picture.

The presence of Ketu in Pisces would further enhance the inner sensitivity of Pisces natives besides which these natives would be more fantastical and wanderers of dreamy world which in the end would also make them more artistic and creative in their approach. These detached people would possess a unstable composition of mind and much fluctuations in life.

The natives of Ketu in Pisces combination would bend towards the heights of spirituality which could be till the extent of acquiring the shelter of celibacy due to heights of divine love in them. Besides this, these individuals would possess the strength of strong intuitions.

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