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         Significance of Rudraksha as disease control

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Rudraksha is one of the divine blessings poured from heaven on mortal land for the well being of mortals. If we see through spiritual eyes, the benevolent Lord Shiva meditated for many years for the well being of all creatures and after that he left his signs for the same which will last till the end spreading light in our lives. In scientific language, the electromagnetic potency of Rudraksha is leading us towards betterment in life.

Rudraksha beads are playing a major part in different appearances to save us from negative reflections surrounding us and becomes a strong shield for us to defend from them. While seeing the spiritual picture we have seen many astrological significances comprising its impact on malefic effects of planets and the way it brings changes in our life path and even sometimes both science and astrology works together for us. It is believed to be a natural tranquilizer and when worn around heart it keeps the blood pressure under control. Three faced beads are advised to adopt by the children prone to fever and its adoption could also cure Hysteria, Coma, Leucorrhoea and female diseases related to genital organs. Rudraksham is presumed of cool down the body temperature and maintains peace and persistence of mind. It is also recommended to pregnant women. It could be seen as a defender of diseases emerging out of stress like alcoholism, depression, maladjustments, heart-diseases, etc is also now has been excepted by doctors for such problems. But is important to take in concern that even if this divine natural birth doesn’t possess any side effects, it is important to consult an experienced person before adopting the rudraksh if its possible.

Their is an another aspect too which is need to be unveiled here, playing major significance in the colors of Ayurveda. In this Ayurvedic portrait of Rudraksham these warm and humid beads of bitter taste are used for many physical problems as conventional remedies. according to Ayurveda, the paste of ten faced Rudraksha with milk when taken thrice a day, could fight against prolonged cough and could restore worsen health. It also cures foe skin diseases, sores, ringworms, pimples, boils and burns. Smallpox could be win over with equal quantity of black pepper and powder of Rudraksham along with water as a remedy suggested by Ayurveda. It is perceived to cure mental disabilities if four faced bead is taken with boiled milk and also enhances your potential of memory. As prescribed by Ayurveda, the Rudraksh seed when rubbed with honey can cure hyper pyrexia. The heart patients are advised to keep the five faced bead in a glass of water for the whole night and drink the same early in the morning.

In the proved theories of Rudraksha in different languages of spirituality, astrology and science, it is said to act positively against alleviates depression, boosts confidence stamina of mind and energy level, regulates and balances blood pressure. Divine beads chiefly governs over first and supreme part of human body, the brain controlling over whole body, by making peace of mind and bestowing supreme potency of mind resulting in enhanced focus and concentration along with a lot of physical and mental strength enhancing personality and at last glows with longevity. On account of this it also helps in fine meditation and spiritual practices. In whole it could be called as spreader of supreme tranquility and peace on land.

These all different shades of paradisiacal Rudraksham beads have evolved from its supreme properties comprising resistance, capacitance and inductance. Resistance of beads produces flow of current in human body, capacitance stabilizes and anchor the bioelectric current and inductance works upon sending out inductive vibrations. These all together impact our lives in different manner.

Even after have seen this much of it, there are many other shades lurking behind yet and our scientists are continuously trying to unveil it which would result in emergence of many other colors of this divine reflection. Those colors might spread further brightness in our lives in future.  



   Wearing Rudraksha

wearing rudraksh


The section covers the recommended method

of wearing this divine blessing including the mantras for various

types of beads


Care of Rudraksha

 care and precaution for rudraksha


This section presents the

detailed information of the

care and precaution recom mendations for keeping the

potent energy of this divine blessing alive to get the full benefits of it with the full potency for a longer period of time




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Identify Rudrakshas

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All about Identifying real bead


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Disease control

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Rudraksh for Zodiacs

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Different Types

 types of rudraksh


The  section

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