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         Procedure of daily rituals

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Here in this section, we would describe the daily recommended rituals for getting the full potential of Rudraksha. These daily procedure when performed with the devotion intensify the healing power of Rudraksh.

Possession of this divine paradisiacal bead also requires some spiritual conventions to be followed by the wearer. It is need to be worshiped in daily routine to keep its divine glow alive. You need to chant the specific mantra of the bead you have adopted at specific number of times each day, which you could decide as 3 times, 9 times, 11 times or 27 times a day and this you would need to follow for all the rest of the days.

You do not need to take off your beads at other times when not required and avoid touching it through hands as much as possible and take it as to wear it for the whole day, keeping it inside your shirt or other dresses as whatever you wore. It is advised to wear it for the most possible time span for first 30 – 40 days which is the time of development of bond with the sacred beads and after that you would not need to wear it for that much time and for whole life you need to take care of it being touched with your body. It should be kept in clean plate at the scared place or altar when not wearing that means you should never forget its paradisiacal and holy significance. There is no very strict precautions mentioned for Rudraksha as being a sacred birth it does not have any side effects but still its always better to follow the articulated path to acquire more benefits.

After the sacred adoption of Rudraksha beads, it prepares a divine shield around the wearer to defend him or her from all negative air approaching and encloses him or her in an paradisiacal confinements of health, wealth, happiness and success. It endows the life of the person with the glow of all positive energies and bestow him all happiness while purifying his or her soul inside.

The most attached mantra of Shiva, which is much more closer to the benevolent almighty is ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra’, articulated as:

“Om Tryamlakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pusti - vardhanam

Urva - rukamiva Bandhanan, Mrtyor - muksheeya Ma – amritat”

Through all these sacred mantras you could attain all the divine blessings of Lord Shiva through his paradisiacal signs on earth.




   Wearing Rudraksha

wearing rudraksh


The section covers the recommended method

of wearing this divine blessing including the mantras for various

types of beads


Care of Rudraksha

 care and precaution for rudraksha


This section presents the

detailed information of the

care and precaution recom mendations for keeping the

potent energy of this divine blessing alive to get the full benefits of it with the full potency for a longer period of time




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Identify Rudrakshas

 identification of rudraksham


All about Identifying real bead


Know how to identify the real bead and avoid

getting the imitation or painted or forged







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Disease control

disease control


The comprehensive section

Explains every important

aspects of usage of rudraksham in to

disease control



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