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Care and precautions for Rudraksha

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Rudraksha being a sacred bead possess some aspects to be taken care off. To keep its paradisiacal glow alive it should be viewed with a vision for a paradisiacal divine image with complete believe and pure thoughts. It is completely true that Rudraksha beads bestow true divine blessings and do not possess any side effects but as every thing is need to be taken care of, these sacred pearls also possess the same prospects.

At first, you should put your best efforts to acquire the pure form of Rudraksha which requires quiet much of your efforts because only true form of Rudraksha will benefit you, others will become the waste. The path of obtaining real bead becomes more tougher because of it lesser presence on earth. The Rudraksha beads purify whole of our body and our soul in depth so it becomes extremely significant and also our responsibility to keep its sacredness at the same existing level to acquire its divine benefits.

Before the adoption of Rudraksha it has to be purified and worshiped as mentioned in the rituals for Rudraksha in many scriptures and doctrines and take it to Shiva Lingam to touch it with the same. To keep its paradisiacal attributes forever there are some conventions which should be followed by the wearer.

It should be kept oiled when not wearing mainly in bitter tasting oils like mustard oil or sesame oil, try to clean it everyday, when not worn it should be placed in altar and should be worshiped. They can be kept as wrapped in wool or silk. It should be rubbed by sandalwood oil once in a month.

These sacred beads are strictly advised to keep away while bowel movements and movements of sexual intimacy. It has always been said to wear in cotton thread or gold or a silver chain and should never be worn as in bracelets.

At whole, they should be always kept in clean manner and should be cleaned from dust and dirt from time to time in frequent intervals with a soft brush and the thread should be changed at becoming dirty. Try to use sacred water for sanctification of the bead that will come as its divine purity stay within.

It should be avoided while visiting the funeral grounds or cemetery and at the place of newly born baby as these places are recommended to be impure and sacred things should not be taken there. Women should not wear it while their menstrual cycle. They should never be approached to wear as in finger rings. It should never be worn while sleeping but you can keep it under your pillow.

There are some conventions which would appear insignificant or trivial to you but they play a major role. These Rudraksha beads are not to be exchanged with any body as it develops relationship with the wearer. Soap and shampoo could affect the beads on account of which it should be avoided while bathing.

It should be kept away while eating non vegetarian food or having alcohol.  The rosary beads which are kept for chanting mantra by somebody should not be worn on body.

This whole will bestow you a purified soul, a chaste walk of life adorned with success, cluster of moral thoughts and life of heaven after death. It fills your world with love, affection, bliss, delight, faith and brotherhood.




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