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Wearing and Mantra of Rudraksha

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As it has always been said and believed, Rudraksha is an extreme auspicious and sacred signs of almighty, which could be seen as remnants of paradise and soul image of Lord Shiva spreading his divine blessings for mortal children. It possesses so high divine potency of almighty that even a sight of it could benefit the viewer. Its acquiring high electromagnetic energies with such extreme frequencies that it could govern over the human body even after being a birth of nature is still a mystery. All this directly signifies the direct relation of this heavenly Rudraksha bead with the supreme almighty. Now being his children its our duty to be obedient to him and respect his benevolence as he is the only father of all.

As it has been articulated through variant scriptures and doctrines different beads possess different mantras but the ritual is almost the same and not much tough to consider. But the most important of all is to have a true believe and respect for the Rudraksha bead and as well as for the omnipresent almighty and to approach it with pure thoughts and vision otherwise it would not give you the expected results.


The holy ritual starts in the early morning mostly preferring on Monday after having bath. You need to place the washed Rudraksha through milk or water, on a well clean plate and then light an incense and diya in front of it to pay your reverence to the deity and sacred pearls. Then, sprinkle some water on Rudraksha through flower petals, offer some flowers and Chandan while chanting the Lord Shiva’s mantra during the whole process, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, 108 times if possible and recite the specific mantra of the bead nine times if possible. It would be more better if it is possible to disburse the reverence to the Shiva Lingam as well in almost the same manner and touch the Rudraksha to it before adoption. This whole process should be done faced to east. After this whole, you can wear Rudraksha.

Mantras for variant beads

1 mukhi  or one faced Rudraksha                                    : Om Hreem Namah

2 mukhi or two faced Rudraksha                                     : Om Namah

3 mukhi or three faced Rudraksha                                   : Om Kleem Namah

4 mukhi or four faced Rudraksha                                    : Om Hreem Namah

5 mukhi  or five faced Rudraksha                                    : Om Hreem Namah

6 mukhi or six faced Rudraksha                                       : Om Hreem Hum Namah

7 mukhi or seven faced Rudraksha                                  : Om Hum Namah

8 mukhi  or eight faced Rudraksha                                   : Om Hum Namah

9 mukhi or nine faced Rudraksha                                     : Om Hreem Hum Namah

10 mukhi or ten faced Rudraksha                                    : Om Hreem Namah

11 mukhi  or eleven faced Rudraksha                              : Om Hreem Hum Namah

12 mukhi or twelve mukhi Rudraksha                              : Om KrOm SrOm ROm Namah

13 mukhi or thirteen faced Rudraksha                              : Om Hreem Namah




   Wearing Rudraksha

wearing rudraksh


The section covers the recommended method

of wearing this divine blessingincluding the mantras for various

types of beads


Care of Rudraksha

 care and precaution for rudraksha


This section presents the

detailed information of the

care and precaution recom mendations for keeping the

potent energy of this divine blessingalive to get the full benefits of it with the full potency for a longer period of time




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Identify Rudrakshas

 identification of rudraksham


All about Identifying real bead


Know how to identify the real bead and avoid

getting the imitation or painted or forged







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Kaal Sarp Dosh

Manglik Dosha

Vedic Mantra

Birth chart Houses


Sade Sati




Disease control

disease control


The comprehensive section

Explains every important

aspects of usage of rudraksham in to

disease control



Rudraksh for Zodiacs

for various zodiacs


The section covers

all about different beads for different zodiac signs



Different Types

 types of rudraksh


The  section

elaborates different types

of this divine bead 



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