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Rudraksha the divine stress control

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This divine Rudraksha is the radiance of paradisiacal blessings on earth brightening the darker sides of our lives and spreading heavenly glitter on land. The potent pearl of paradise have brought the divine energy within and now its glittering out on the land of mortals in the guise of electric and magnetic properties of the bead which help in solving many physical and psychological problems. In today's modern world, many of the human are suffering from the problem of stress created by the today's competitive and materialistic world Since many uncountable years this divine Rudraksa tree is believed to give us paradisiacal fruits which are very effective in controlling the phenomenon of stress. Rudraksha is having many qualities in it which makes the brain calm and placid and would fill the person with positive energy and could act a potent toll for stress control

In early days, it was an essential part of celibates, sages, saints and such other moral beings which were the first to reveal its paradisiacal significance on earth and were true believers of the same. In there words, it leads the person towards moral path to walk throughout life and to heaven in the end. As mentioned in holy scriptures and doctrines, it keeps the thoughts of a person in right and ethical direction and keeps the mind in the persistence state so that he or she would only take right steps in the mortal walk. As it is believed today as well, it bestows the person all worldly pleasures but along with that also keeps his or her mind far away from their impact. At whole, these divine beads fill the life of the person with prosperity and success and fill the minds with all pure and true thoughts and attitude.

Now, the words possessing roots on land articulates that the Rudraksa beads governs over the brain of human beings which is the only lord of the whole body and mainly possess the part of thoughts and emotions. According to scientific proved theories, this divine bead cures many physiological as well as psychological problems including stress. As the different electromagnetic potency of different ranges among different faced rudraksa beads it impacts in variant ways on our body. The electromagnetic properties of the rudraksa bead brings the heart beat to the normal level. The same emitted energy dominates over a major part of our brains effecting our lives at large and specially comprising the changes in persona on account of positive coloration of mind. This leads us to right and positive vision further leading us in making perfect decisions, eventually resulting in success in the path of life which in the end changes our life dramatically if we could understand this divine criteria.

In the same way, through making our thought and vision in positive direction, at whole rudraksa works upon distressing and maintains peace and satisfactory feeling in mind. To see the same in the scientific vision, when worn around the neck, touching heart, it minimize the flow of blood from heart to brain as an effect of its magnetic field, which in turn minimize the activity of neurons and other neuro transmitters as a result reducing the hypertension, depression, hopelessness and stress due to some chemical and physical reactions held in lurked arena.  

Now taking both scientific and spiritual theories into consideration, in simple language we could say that at a whole with all divine and scientific impacts, rudraksa maintains the divine peace and worldly satisfaction in mind leading towards balanced thoughts with enhanced potential to focus and concentrate. This has been proved by priest, monks and saints since years as they possess it for the whole life with a vision of its being their strength to walk strongly on moral path and to meditate well to reach the almighty sooner. It has been accepted and believed on for the same reasons beyond the confinements of creed, caste and most important that is religion which further defines its potent and divine significance on earth.




   Wearing Rudraksha

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Care of Rudraksha

 care and precaution for rudraksha


This section presents the

detailed information of the

care and precaution recom mendations for keeping the

potent energy of this divine blessing alive to get the full benefits of it with the full potency for a longer period of time




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